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Thread: whats next.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUCingdsgainz View Post
    Wow great results from SARMs only keep up the good work man.
    Cheers Mate. I obviousally can't compare them to AAS as I haven't done any to date but i've been more then happy with the results so far and after each PCT i've managed to maintain just about all gains/strength.

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    Ya man it seems what your doing is working no need to switch to gear. Iím actually getting ready to make the change from gear to SARMs myself so we will see how it goes after I PCT.

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    So I've made the commitment and have decided to try another comp . Just started my prep cycle . I've got 13 weeks to get my shit altogether . Current pics of last night with some pretty awesome lighting but no pump. Currently just over 200lbs and BF% I haven't measured yet but id suspect high twelves . Stack below for those interested .
    S4 50mg daily will most likely bump to 75mg after week 6
    Rad140 20mg daily might bump to 30mg week 6 depending how its all going
    SR 30mg daily split doses.

    I've started dropping calories just 300 daily atm and i'm already hungry WTF? . The goal is to really get some cuts in my legs. I think if I can get that and more chest separation ill be competitive .

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    just abit of a update , calories have been reduced to about 2800 daily and i've started incorporating cardio. I've dropped some weight but proberly need to speed it up abit. Strength is still awesome no reduction as yet and I would think so with current calorie intake . once I get to about 2300 ill start to feel it.


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    Hell ya.
    Looking good keep up the good work.
    Try doing your cardio fasted first thing in the morning before you eat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slyder View Post
    Hell ya.
    Looking good keep up the good work.
    Try doing your cardio fasted first thing in the morning before you eat.
    Cheers mate . I may try that just to speed things up, I hate cardio with a passion but I know its a means to a end and just need to get my finger out of my ass more.

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    excellent work bro

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    nice work man!! way to get it done

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    That's crazy results from SARMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    That's crazy results from SARMS
    Cheers Mate
    Currently 4th cycle in 20 months (12 weeks cycles, 4 weeks PCT, 4 weeks off than repeat) .After this cycle I plan to take a good 12 weeks off them as i've been hitting it pretty hard. Over the course have gained roughly 25lbs while maintaining around 12-13% BF. Diet and training has really been on point those 20 moths also. Had a few injuries along the way, currently working around a bunged right forearm only seems to effect flat bench and tricep overhead, skull crushes etc so no flat benching is pissing me off but gives me more reason to train upper chest that is lagging .
    41 in November
    currently 192lbs
    BF haven't measured in 6 weeks but id say 11%
    I've been more than impressed with SARMS. You get out of them what you put into it but apart from suppression at the end of cycles, few small acme with RAD , bloods have come back all within range and ive felt great while on cycle.

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