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Brad Pitt Steroid CyclesIn the last 20 years Brad Pitt has been one of the most famous Hollywood actors, and few people around the world haven’t seen at least one movie starring Brad Pitt, or don’t know about him. Over these years, his work as an actor has been recognized with one Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Academy Awards. What’s more, many don’t know that Brad Pitt is also a producer, and he has won in this category another Academy Award.

However, he did not only progress in his acting career, but also in building an amazing physique. Interestingly, unlike most actors in a good physical shape, who like to have at least one nude scene per movie, Brad does not like to show off his body. As a result, his great form can be only appreciated in such movies as Snatch, Fight Club and Troy. In these movies one can see how Brad Pitt shines with an amazingly lean and ripped physique.

Meet Joe Black brad pitt

Meet Joe Black (1998)

Fight club brad pitt

Fight Club (1999)

Nevertheless, those who followed his career, and have seen his earlier movies will definitely be able to tell that before the end of the 90’s, which is when these movies were filmed, Brad Pitt had a very skinny and boy-like body. Therefore, many have wondered how did he achieve such a good physical shape in such a short time. After all, he has first featured a considerably bulked up body in the movie Meet Joe Black, and less than a year later he was already as lean as it gets in the Fight club.

snatch brad pitt

Snatch (2000)

Such drastic changes led many to believe that Brad Pitt had used some kind of performance enhancing drugs in order to get prepared for these movies. Furthermore, these beliefs became stronger when he appeared even more defined and ripped in Snatch, and then considerably bulked up in Troy. Nobody has ever expected that someone with such a skinny body would become one of the actors with the best bodies in Hollywood.

troy brad pitt

Troy (2004)

Therefore, he would most probably need to run two different kinds of cycles – one for cutting and leaning out, and the other one to get bigger and more muscular for Troy performance. Obviously, like any professional actor, Brad Pitt would not be looking to get all into bodybuilding, so he would only use those compounds needed to achieve precise objectives, and the preference would be given to mild oral steroids. Hence, this is how Brad Pitt’s cycles would look like:

Brad Pitt’s cutting cycle for Fight Club & Snatch

[table id=2 /]

  • mgs stands for milligrams
  • Since the oral steroids are liver toxic, he would be using a good liver supporting supplement throughout the entire cycle, and PCT

The following are the reasons Brad Pitt would use precisely these steroids at the dosages mentioned above:

brad pitt snatch cutting steroid cycleAnavar:

It is already a classic oral steroid with very mild side effects. Besides, anavar has a very good and time proven effectiveness in cutting cycles. In this particular cycle it works as a kick-starting steroid for primobolan, which is known as a slow acting steroid. The chosen dosage of 50 mgs per day is the sweet-spot for anavar, where it will give the best of its benefits, and the least of the side effects.


This steroid is one of the best steroids for cutting and gaining extremely lean mass of exceptional quality. Additionally, this steroid is one of the safest steroids out there, so it barely has any side effects. Its biggest drawback is usually the very high ratio of price to results, but money would not be a problem to Brad Pitt, who was already a well established actor by the time he needed to cycle. Finally, its ability to bind strongly to the androgen receptors promotes an enhanced lipolysis, leading to the breakdown of fat.


This oral steroid is perhaps the best finisher for any cutting cycle, where it will bring the best of the lean mass, and will give outstanding vascularity. The suggested dosage is enough to really shed all of the water and fat away from the body, and yet it will not cause the joint dryness.


Cardarine GW-501516:

Most probably, these days it is the best compound for recomping. It is a non-hormonal compound that will not cause any side effects whatsoever. At the same time it will burn fat, and maintain the lean mass. Moreover, Cardarine will also greatly enhance endurance and recovery, which is a very good property for an actor, who spends hours on the filming locations.

andarine-s4Andarine S4:

In spite of the fact that this SARM is usually associated with pure strength, it is also very beneficial for fat loss. Therefore, it would allow Brad Pitt to keep acting, and still have a lot of strength despite of the great loss in mass. Yet again, just like in the case of Cardarine GW, it is always a very good addition because it will not cause any side effects.

Brad Pitt’s bulking cycle for Troy

[table id=3 /]

  • mgs stands for milligrams
  • Since the oral steroids are liver toxic, he would be using a good liver supporting supplement throughout the entire cycle, and PCT

brad pitt troy bulking steroid cycle

Remember, in spite of bulking up for the Troy, Brad still intended to get lean gains. Hence, the following are the reasons Brad Pitt would use precisely these steroids at the dosages mentioned above:


This time around he would be using tbol as a kick-starter for the cycle, and since it would be the only oral steroid in the cycle, it would be perfectly safe to use it for 8 weeks in a row. Even though turinabol is very similar to anavar, and in fact many consider it a cheaper alternative to anavar, it tends to be more anabolic with the same amount of side effects. Therefore, it would be a much better choice for a lean bulking cycle.


As mentioned above, primobolan is one of the safest ways of getting lean and clean gains, and in this case the dosage has been increased because the objective of the cycle is lean bulking, not pure cutting.


This steroid is one of the best choices for those who want to get very lean muscle mass with as few side effects as possible. Due to the long esters attached to it, equipoise works best in cycles over 10 weeks.


Ostarine MK-2866:

This SARM is known as the most anabolic SARM available today, so it is a very good choice in lean bulking cycles, where side effects are not welcome, since it has none. The dosage of 25 mgs per day is considered the most optimal, as bigger dosages will increase the results only by a fraction.


Even though equipoise aromatizes considerably less than testosterone, it will still convert into estrogen. Therefore, an aromatase inhibitor is necessary in this cycle in order to keep the gains as lean as possible with the least amount of water retention and estrogen related side effects. Usually, the starting dosage is 12.5 mgs every other day, but by taking it everyday Brad Pitt would be reassured against any issues with estrogen levels.

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