50 Cent Steroids Cycle

50 cent steroids cycle

Everybody knows Curtis James Jackson as 50 Cent – a very popular American rapper, song writer and businessman. In fact, he is considered to be one of the most influential rappers of the last decade. During this time he shined with his most successful albums “Get Rich or die tryin‘” and “Massacre,” selling over 35 million copies of these albums worldwide. What’s more, Curtis Jackson is also an actor, and has already starred in several movies. As all rappers and showbiz celebrities, this Jamaica born personality has a very rich biography.

Due to his outstanding physique, which is featured in most of his music clips, 50 Cent is strongly associated with a very muscular and strong body. However, it is a well known fact that he was shot 9 times in 2000, and already in 2003 he was displaying his amazing shape in the “In da club” music clip that earned him a huge recognition.This amazing shape after such a tremendous stress on the body has created a lot of suspicion about steroid use by 50 cent. Since it is very hard to get recovered from this kind of injuries, let alone achieve such muscularity in just over a year.

Therefore, there are enough reasons to really believe that 50 Cent was using steroids to gain his form, or at least did so after recovering from the shooting. Furthermore, in most media we can see that Curtis Jackson is not extremely well defined, and has a rather more “puffy” musculature, which gives us an idea of the compounds he might be using:

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One might wonder, why would 50 Cent use precisely these compounds, and exactly at these dosages. Hence, we will discuss the place of each of these compounds in the cycle, and the reasons they would be used:

Testosterone Cypionate:

First of all, there have been extensive rumors of 50 Cent being on a medically prescribed TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), which is a good reason to believe he would use this steroid. Besides, since he definitely used a wet compound during his cycle (most probably Deca Durabolin), he would need to have a testosterone base in the cycle. All in all, testosterone is already considered as the classic base steroid for any cycle, as it can greatly improve the effectiveness of the other steroids in the stack. Besides, together with the enanthate, the cypionate ester is the most popular for testosterone.


Better known as human growth hormone, HGH should be an essential part of Curtis Jackson’s recovery process. As it has some amazing healing properties that would considerably accelerate the recovery speed after being shot. Additionally, HGH is a very good compound to use on cycle when you have nagging injuries caused by the bullets that damaged your soft tissues. The usual dosage is 2 IU’s, but since 50 Cent had such serious injuries, he would need a heavier dose.

Ostarine MK-2866:

This SARM has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective at keeping bones, joints and muscles healthy. Moreover, in certain studies it has been shown that Ostarine can drastically reduce the recovery times after injuries and bone fractures. Given the immense damage made to 50 Cent’s body, Ostarine would be just as important as HGH. Since it gives much faster results that can be noticed in a matter of days. Besides, it has no side effects, so it is a win-win compound to use.

Nutrobal MK-677:

This growth hormone secretagogue has effects that are very similar to the HGH, and they take place in a much faster manner. Hence, it is a very beneficial compound to use when recovering from serious injuries. Moreover, MK-677 greatly enhances muscle growth on cycle, so it is a very useful addition to any stack. The dosages range from 5 to 25 mgs per day, and 50 Cent would need the maximum dosages due to his unfortunate circumstances.

Deca Durabolin:

This nandrolone based steroid is a very well known bulking steroid that gives some very prominent mass gains to the user. As we can see, Curtis James is not especially vascular. Which leads us to the conclusion that he is more fond of wet compounds, rather than the cutting ones.


It is the best aromatase inhibitor available (AI). Since it is a suicide AI, there is no danger of getting an estrogen rebound once the compound is discontinued. Besides, unlike the popular Arimidex, which can cause lipid strain, aromasin actually improves cholesterol levels.


It is a well known fact that just like any medications, steroids can stress the liver and other major organs. Therefore, a good liver supporting supplement is needed, and N2Guard is one of the best in its class. It will not only cleanse the liver, but it will support other major organs, reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, and will prevent water retention.

N2Joint RX:

This supplement is a blend of multiple ingredients. All meant to improve the health and healing processes of joints, and it works especially well in synergy with Ostarine MK-2866. It would be completely logical to assume that 50 Cent should have some joint related issues due to the shooting, and N2Joint RX would be a very effective remedy to most of them.

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