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    yes, that layout is spot on bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmo View Post
    Also what was your before and after stats Aussy?
    I did a thread on my first sarm cycle which was my first ever use of PEDS. you can view it here

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    yes, check out that thread

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    Haha bro GW is not a cycle it does not require a PCT of chlomid and you only ran it for 4 weeks haha really bro. What exactly did your blood work say that you know u recovered from a. 4 weeks cycle of GW! Haha

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    I had to for LGD. I didn't after. So I did while I took GW. I thought I posted this with my old thread so that's why I didnt state the fact. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    What's up, I'm back for my 3rd cycle.
    My last cyc was
    GW 1-12w 20mg daily
    S4 1-12w 50mg. Split in 2 doses.
    Mk2866 1-12w 25mg
    PCT with clomid
    Waited 4wks after PCT now I'm looking to start another.

    Down 11 pounds with barely doing any cardio, (Just to experiment and see how much weight I can lose with out doing it).
    Now I've been doing cardio after every work out(besides leg day)for at least 20min.
    Diet is good, I try to eat as much protein as i can and not so much carbs.

    So I was thinking of changing it up a little and running S4 Rad140 GW SR9009 or maybe I should switch the s4 for SR9009 so I'm able to throw Mk2866 in there?(Not sure if I can stack 5 at a time) I wanted to add LGD for muscle mass but since I have a high body fat im probably better off sticking to S4 and GW. I want to keep or add as much muscle as possible while being in a deficit. I know S4 will assist with that and so would RAD. As I'm unsettled on what to do I kinda need help on which would be best for the ultimate cutting stack.

    Height - 5'11
    Weight - 189
    BF%- Unknown

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    yes, you can stack 5 at a time.. thats no issue at all

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    Ok cool, what do you think about the cycle?

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    looks great to me.. adding mk2866 just puts it over the top... its an excellent cycle plan

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    S4 RAD140 GW SR9009 & MK2866?
    How long and Dosage ?

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