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Thread: Read this if you are under age before you even bother posting...

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    I agree completely! Steroids are not meant for developing kids.

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    I think you should only take the sauce if you are at least 25

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    I totally agree with you Dylan. Underage shouldn't even know about those things to be honest.
    But now everyone can lie about their age.

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    I totally agree with you on this. Kids are always going to lie about their age and most of people even lie about their body fat. Which makes it funny.

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    I totally agree on this with you Dylan. 100%!

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    I agree with DG. Alot of these little kids havnt developed good critical thinking skills, and they just wanna go off of other peoples experiences. Mainly because they have this concept or theory that they are gonna become some overly masculined alpha male over night but obviously that's not how it works.

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    i agree with you. thanks for your suggestions.

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    Totally agree with this Dylan, kids should not be doing any PED while they are growing up. Once they are fully developed then they can try and test out stuff and see how it works.

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    it benefits you greatly to focus on your education and building a life/stability while you are in your teens and 20's. really anabolics should not be touched till you are fully mature across the board.

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    All in favor say ?I? IIIII...

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