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Thread: Not getting vision sides from this normal?

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    Wow, Sherlock Holmes live in the flesh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fear the Beard View Post
    Wow, Sherlock Holmes live in the flesh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by killersoup1 View Post
    not gonna lie man, I made an account one day at night drunk, forgot I made it the next day and made a new one. Now my laptop auto logs into one and my phone the other, so i keep posting on the threads of the opposite account by accident. So every time I accidentally do that I end up needing to edit the comments to fix it lol. Gonna try and delete one of the accounts now. That was pretty damn intuitive of you though Wesley haha.

    And you are right, I've always got loads of questions. In this case its mainly because I bought a bucket load of SARMS and its my first cycle.
    Are you sure you don't suffer from multiple personality disorder bro? Lol jk

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    im sorry but im not buying it and who the hell talks back and forth to each other like a fucking psycho... this is another drb situation... im sorry but no way... not again... not happening... no trolling and just weird psycho shit period

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    Now that it's been mentioned,I've had a weird feeling about killersoup1 since day one.I'm not trying to jump on the witch hunt.I'm just calling it like I see it.

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    Lol.. witch hunt.

    Don't people have better shit to do then be a fuckin time waster

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