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Thread: 500mg each week of Testosterone enanthate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slyder View Post
    Yes I would consider myself as a very thin person.
    I am 53
    190lbs average through day.
    Waist 30” x36” pants.
    Large t shirt.
    Biceps at full flex only 15.5”
    I say I have low muscle cause compared to most of you guys I do not.
    Muscles not big but defined.
    Can’t fill out a shirt sleeve.
    I have a decent physic just not big muscles.
    Skinny old man legs. Ha ha
    I use an in body machine at the gym weekly.
    It gives SMM lbs, weight, and body fat %
    Which gym? I know lifetime fitness has it.

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    500mg each week of Testosterone enanthate

    Yes lifetime.
    The one at my gym has been recently sent out cause it stopped working.
    I have not been able to use it for the past month.
    I have used it every week for past year. It’s nice for me to be able to track my self. Helps me keep my diet in check.
    I used another in body at a local muscle shop. 8-30-19 It gave me a full print out.
    I think it shows me lower in body fat than I really am.
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