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Thread: Signing for packages?

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    Idk dude. I started this thread and personally I didnt sign for it. I have a record already and wasnt willing to take the chance. I had two packages inbound at the same week from 2 separate places and for both the post office wanted me to come down and sign for them when that's never happened before. To much of a coincidence for me, not worth the risk especially when it was only a couple hundred bucks.

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    I did what cb suggested, rescheduled delivery online, got a confirmation that delivery was rescheduled and they still never brought my shit

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    My local post office does this to me even though no signature is required like 1 out of every 10 times (they've also dropped off from a signature required source before without trying to get a sig lol). It's not a big deal, and if some agency was actually after you, they would have paid you a visit personally. Going to sign for a package doesn't mean you know who sent it or what is in it.

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    I've gone to the post office and signed for and taken home many many packages this way. Had a handful get seized instead and I received a letter. Nothing ever came of it. I wouldn't sweat it if I were you, they don't go after people for personal use like this. If you really need the assurance just check with your source and make sure they had it put for signature required. Most of my international packs were signature required.

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