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Thread: robo bold cyp

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    bold cyp? from ROBO

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    Brother, What kind of new batch you're talking about?

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    He made a new batch of Bold Cyp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    He made a new batch of Bold Cyp.
    I actually got a new powder batch from china is what i meant

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    Oh boy said powder... Lol brewer's lingo

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    Yeh cbbram the strength has just started a little over 4 weeks from start. you were on the money

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    So about 5th week in and my deadlift went up 40lbs from a month ago and I only dead once a month. Im happy with the robo bold cyp, now if you asked me 3 weeks ago I was about to throw in the towel because of pip and flu sym. None of that stuff happens anymore feel pretty dam good at this point.

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    Robo Bold cyp never has bothered me a bit. It really does differ from person to person. Not even virgin muscles versus experienced injection spots, but just that some people get it and others donít. Itís bizarre to me.

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    well like i've said robo is very good at lowering the PIP on their products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by servicemangler View Post
    Started may 3rd on bold cyp and have experienced some pretty bad pip from this until 4th week in. Very little pip anymore and no flue symptoms anymore from it. No strength yet but definitely weight gain of about 10 lbs even with intermittent fasting. I think the strength is just around the corner. do have some unexplained lump here an there but hope they go away???
    Cyp will take around 6 weeks usually to start noticing big effects. The lumps arenít unexplained though. Thatís very normal. I have never gotten pop from Robo bold cyp personally. Are you fairly new to steroids?

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