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Thread: Bitcoin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tec_def View Post
    I use circle and coinbase to buy my Bitcoin. But not to send to my source. I send my bitcoins to a wallet that you can set up anonymously. My current favorite wallet that does that is blocktrail.
    You could do what robo mentioned or go with a different currency like monero or dash coin which is truly anonymous and convert it to a Bitcoin.
    BTC-E is easy though and since they are offshore they can't really touch you or get in your business. There are a few ways around it.

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    The biggest confusion for me was there was so many differant options for wallets and places too go through I wasnt sure witch one too use and just seemed really complicated

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    You kinda gotta play with w few of them and see what works best for you. I like btc-e and blockchain. Also like dark wallet but for other reasons. DW doesn't have an app though so I got use my laptop.

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    If they continue to regulate the value popularity will shoot way down. People are already jumping to other wallets.

    If you want really good info like legit info look up "the daily decrypt" on YouTube. That chick will school you on bitcoin.

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    They are not required to do business just because you have dollars or legal tender. If they don't like the fact that you are trying to pay in pennies, they don't have to accept it

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    1- Just starting out: Coinbase

    2- Other currency to invest or transfer from coinbase: Binance

    3- Hardware crypto wallet:

    I can setup a tutorial for you guys if you need, just let me know. Wish this place had a private forum area tbh....

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    Robo gives 10% discount for BC purchases.....

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    That's cool you guys take that as payment, pretty soon a lot more will too!

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    I don't understand how it work but don't you guys worry about the value dropping before you are able to transfer the funds? Or is that not how it just seems so unstable.

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    Download coinbase on your phone and you can start trading fairly easily. Do a lot of research and begin trading in alt coins or just use coinbase to invest. The fluctuations in the pricing is the draw right now, lots of pump and dumps going on.

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