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Thread: Pinnacle/Axiom/EUP - Domestic Source/cbbram/IWGF

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    Peak Primo E lab results...

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    Peak Masteron E lab results....

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    Got some great products from cbbram. Communication was easy and shipment was really fast. I wish Id known about them when I ran out of deca once! Got deca, EQ and cyp. No PIP. Enjoying it so far, week 2 at 600/400/400

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    Just wanted to give a big thanks to cbbram. He was very helpful and I got what I needed quickly. Can't ask for much more... I definitely recommend!

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    EUP Products. Test Prop, Viagra, and Cialis!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbbram View Post
    Received my first order today from IWGF. Excellent packing, fast shipping, and can't wait to get started on this Serostim HGH.

    PM for more for a price list and ordering info.
    I got to tell you something. I got the price list for these and called bullshit. I messaged my growth source who agreed, until I showed him what was being offered. He immediately did a 180 and said its priced like that for a reason. He said its the best human growth one can ever find. He called the beez knees gold standard. I have ran generics, I cant imagine what this gods nectar can do. Still to rich for me but, Im definetly curious what kinda results people will get. Hes said its the hardest HGH to get your hands on. Made a believer outta me.

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    Ordered from Cbbram. Everything showed up one week later. Fast and easy. Ill update with results later, but A+ for turnaround time.

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    As everyone in this game knows this lifestyle carries with it many risks, not the least of which is finding a professional, safe and quality source. If that's something you've been searching for, look no further than Cbbram. The guy is as professional and friendly as they come and the products I've sampled from who he represents (Axio-Peak Performance) are top notch. The ordering process is simple, fast and safe. I highly recommend anyone looking for a good source to drop him a PM for pricing and trust him with your business. I have no need to ever go elsewhere.

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    Another super easy transaction! I've been ordering with these guys for years. Great product, fast shipping and good communication!

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    Just got my peak hgh in the mail today. Fast shipping. So much easier than dealing with overseas companies. Can't wait to start my cycle. Will be ordering from Axio/Peak again. Excellent communication as well.

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