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berd-pharmaceutical-masteronThis is my review on Berd Pharmaceutical’s Masteron enanthate. I decided to write this review because I truly believe that the quality of their products is outstanding, and people should know about that before using some bunk products from other suppliers.

I have used many products of Berd Pharmaceutical, but there is one that especially got deep into my heart – their Masteron Enanthate. And I say “their” because I have tried multiple brands before, and only Berd delivered to me such a formidable experience. During the last year and a half I have been using Masteron stacked with Winstrol and Primobolan (also by Berd Pharmaceutical). I know it may look like an extreme cutting stack, but I am one of those guys who easily gain bulk, and have a hard time getting ripped. Unfortunately for me, I don’t like this massive look, and the only way to get ripped is such a cutting stack. Before going over to Berd Pharmaceutical I have used two other brands – Elit Pharmacies and Geneza Pharmaceuticals.


Elit Pharmacies felt to me like a complete bunk. I have tried once before a pharma grade masteron, and I knew what it was supposed to feel like in my stack. However, when using EP it seemed like only Winny and Primo were working, and when I tried Berd’s masteron this feeling got confirmed because their gear really felt like it should feel. Just like with Berd Pharmaceutical, there were no side effects while on EP’s masteron, but what are these worth when no positive results are seen or felt? Therefore, I decided to use some left-overs of a friend of mine (I don’t remember the brand). They did feel better, but it was still far from the truth.

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Then I stumbled upon masteron from Geneza Pharmaceuticals, which one of the guys in my gym was using. He claimed that it was the real product, so I decided to give it a go. It is funny to realize that now he is using Berd Pharmaceutical too, and barely a year ago he was trying to convince me that Geneza made good products. However, I did run one cycle with Geneza’s masteron in the stack – it was definitely better than EP, but I needed considerably higher than normal dosages for decent results, which made it a quite expensive steroid to run for me. This was a major reason why I decided to switch to Berd Pharmaceutical in the end. Upon a first look at it, Berd’s gear may seem expensive. But their masteron is so good, that I had enough with almost half the Geneza dosage, so in the end I need just half of this gear, which saved me a lot of money.


As I have already written above, my friend – the strong advocate of Geneza Pharmaceuticals, now also uses Berd Pharmaceuticals, and does not even think of switching to a different brand – that alone should already mean a lot! In my particular case, I found the closes thing to the pharma grade masteron I have tried many years ago – it felt great, the results were great. I have never been so ripped and well defined, and I am certainly satisfied with this product, since it really helps me to achieve my dream physique in spite of my natural tendency to be massive.

Another noteworthy point to mention with it, is that I have read in many places that Masteron will only be effective if your body fat level stays below 10-13%. Mine is roughly 16-18%, and I still felt like it helped me a great deal in cutting down my mass and fat. Therefore, I think that these people just have not tried masteron by Berd Pharmaceutical, because if they did, such low figures would not be mentioned.

berd masteronSuch a positive experience with Berd Pharmaceutical and their masteron, I decided to switch winstrol and primobolan of theirs. It’s not like I was not satisfied with winny and primo from another brands, but since Berd’s masteron was so good, I decided to experiment a little, and see how it will go if I also use primo and winny from the same company. Well, if I sayed that I was surprised with the results of the cycle, I would not be saying anything at all, because I was amazed with how well it went! I got such an amazing physique, that I was only dreaming of before, and I did not suspect that Berd’s primo and winny were so superior to other brands. To conclude, Berd Pharmaceutical produce some extremely high quality gear that everyone should try and see this quality by themselves – it will be the best proof and is worth more than a million written words.


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