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Thread: Welcome/Introduction Thread

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    Hello everyone
    I am trying to expand my knowledge as much as possible. I actually enjoy the role that science/chemistry play in Body Building and in sports altogether. My background is similar to a lot of the new members here as I started weight lifting at about 16 years old. About a year ago I started pellet theory and have moved onto injection TRT. I am 33 6'1 and 233 lbs

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    What going on?
    36 yrs.
    210lbs. 35 in waist

    Products I have used in the past is, SARMSX, SARMS1 and some other sources. IMO SARMSX is or, was the best hands down.
    RAD140, LDG, GW, SR9009 and S4

    Cycles I have done:
    1.)TEST E, TBOL.
    2.)TEST E, TREN E.
    3.) TEST E, TREN A.
    * Aromasin and Proviron
    GW, Clomid,

    Napsgear, Pharmacon and Domestic

    1.) Stay around my current weight and add size.
    2.) Find a good source.
    3.) Help other to achieve their goals as well.

    Let me know what you guys think, all advice is welcome.

    Thanks Dave

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    Hey everyone! Thanks for having me. I'm the lifting partner to a recent member tacotuesday. I've been powerlifting for 2 years in august been all natty up till now. Looking to start a light MK677 cycle.

    Male: 25yo
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 198.1
    BF% ~20%

    DL: 470lbs
    Squat: 410x2 (currently injured so haven't gone heavy since september, so that was my last max)
    Bench: 305

    Thanks for having me guys! Been lurking here for a while just reading up.

    Quick edit: Specificity of weight was because I literally just weighed myself, I usually sit between 195 and 198

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    Hi Everyone! New to the forum...just joined last night! I’m 43, 5’11” and 200lbs...about 15% body fat. I’ve been training off and on for over 20 years, but I’ve been seriously training for the last 5 years. I feel like since I’m getting older I need to start taking care of myself better. Plus, I can use any help I can get to run around with my 2 year old and not feel tired afterwards. I look forward to learning and sharing from everyone here!

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    Hey Everyone! New to iSARMS. I used to go to the gym 7 days a week but stopped going when I went out of the country but just got back and starting a new cycle soon! I am here to learn from everyone and continue my journey!


    Thanks Everyone!
    Elijah Mikaelson

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    Michael Here. Been browsing a ton of bodybuilding and AAS sites and I love this one and its very informative. I have been bodybuilding for about 6 years as well as being a gym rat. I’m 30 about 6’1 and 170lbs 11% body fat. I hope I get a warm welcome into the community.

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    Been lurking around the forum for a while now. 22 years old, been lifting for about since I was 15, and did body weight and sports before that. Been injured numerous times. My first lifting injury was last year when deadlifting 585 @160lbs 11% bf and compressed my discs to the point where I couldn't walk and I've been recovering slowly from it ever since. Now I'm much better and I'm looking to get back into lifting and I was hoping of doing a recomp cycle with GW and MK 2866. This will be my first cycle on sarms, I've been doing research for a while now and all I'm left with is whether I need a PCT after MK or not, but that's for a different time. I hope I can learn from you all.

    Current stats (I've gotten much heavier):

    Bodyweight: 230 lbs

    Body fat: ~18-22%

    Height: 5'10

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    Hi, I'm Alex. I'm ftm transgender and I'm mostly here to learn, take notes, and ask question so I can get myself back together now that I've beat most of the curves I've regained since losing my hrt. I've never done any "training" I've just gotten mad or frustrated and decided to work out. Generally a lot of cardio and body weight exercises.

    Height: 5ft 4in
    weight: 161
    Body fat %: male metrics 7.8% female metrics 13% ( I'm not sure which is most useful in my situation so rather safe than sorry.)
    Complete cycle history: Testosterone cyp from 10-7-16 to 4-15-18, it was prescribed for transition prior to losing my doctor.
    Never done a pct (honestly I didn't even know what that was til like 15 minutes ago.)
    Goals: Primarily slight muscle gain and toning but I mostly want to pass and if I can skip out on top surgery that would be bonus but its not a hard goal.
    Supplements: D3, iron, fish oil, nugenix once daily and melatonin at night.
    Nutrition: I'm operating at a minor calorie deficit but am overall healthy. Generally Chicken, steak, veggies are a pretty standard side as is rice or a roll. Fish, particularly salmon and tilapia, are also pretty common meals in my house.
    General info: No major injuries, my back is naturally kinda wrecked jut from living, mostly lower back pain. One of my hips like to just fall/pop out of place every so often and so does my left knee but I can normally pop them back in and keep on with my day.

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    I’m new. 43 y/o Female. I’ve started weight training 4 months ago. 3-4x/week. Not really seeing what I want. My trainer told me I need to increase cardio to lose the weight. I’m getting a bit frustrated.

    Started Semorelin last month and Test maybe 6 months. Can’t say I’ve noticed any real ‘gains’ but I am sleeping better.

    Overall, I’ve lost about 8lbs. 🤨

    I purchased ‘anavar’ which I took and bloated me like a pregnant women! I tested it via LabMax and it was winny.

    I’m looking for advice on sarms. I’ve researched MK 677. Sounds awesome but I don’t want the fluid retention.

    My overall goal: gain lean muscle; weight loss; endurance. I’m kinda down a little bit. Ive worked so hard! I’ve even started meal prep so my diet and water intake is good and yet I’m at a stand still.

    Any advice?

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    Hey guys my names liam,
    I’ve been lingering around for a month now and I finally decided to become involved in the community.

    My stats are:

    A little bit about myself is I was in the Marines for 5 years now I go to school full time studying pre Med.

    Being in good shape has always sparked my interest and I’m always intrigued about gaining new knowledge in the fitness industry.

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