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Thread: Test ultimate

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    Pay a professional. Some guys on here are paid professionals for diet and exercise. Don’t ask for stuff like that for free. The reason this forum is free is because a lot of information on performance enhancing drugs is biased, misleading, or downright wrong, but we still expect you to research into it and ask questions to clarify.

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    Advice on diet and exercise you can easily get good personalized advice out there, including here (from some members who are professionals), if you pay for it.

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    This forum is free info for steroids and sarms because a lot of info and sources out there are crap or dangerous.

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    thats something to discuss with a nutritionist etc... noone does free diets man...

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    Test ultimate super ultra mega Superman 5000 2.0 is my favorite

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    Go shopping and get calorie dense foods since you’re not going to add much fat. Lean ground beef, flank steak or top round, rice, potatoes, eggs, pancake mix, milk, cheese, peanut butter, beef jerky, mixed nuts etc and spread them out over 5-6 meals however you like. Trust me you’ll gain. I did just that and went from 135 to 165 in 6 months naturally. I kept on eating and didn’t start gear till I was 200 lbs and with proper training and diet I got up to 260. But it’s all in the diet bro.

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    Thank you bro. Really appreciate this advice.

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