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Thread: Robolics bulk going on

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    This has been a slow bulk for sure. Itís had obstacles aplenty but i have made small progress and maybe a lot considering my past year of drinking and virtually no gym at all. Iím lucky I donít look a lot worse. Anyway, itís not over. My nerve pain is much better so for me that means green light on moderate weights with caution. Iíve changed my cycle yet again:

    600 bold cyp
    400 test E
    300 deca
    50mg winstrol

    Will sub 500 mast for winny when my order comes in.

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    Iím not sure what exactly to attribute it to right now but Iím surprisingly strong all of a sudden it seems like. Or maybe itís just because Iíve been giving myself plenty of rest days to recover so it seems sudden. Either way my triceps at the least have shot up dramatically. Iíll be posting new pics sometime in the next week or two.

    Anyway, I have nothing new to report as of right now. Standby for more.

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    I almost forgot I took 50mg of viagra today with my pwo which also had 6g citrulline. Lol pumps are sick

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    Good to see you progressing. Stay focused...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddhabuilder View Post
    Good to see you progressing. Stay focused...
    Well Iím not at full throttle by any means but the cycle isnt going to waste at least. Im trying! Lol

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    Robolics bulk going on

    These pics are actually from two weeks ago but Iíll post to show abdominal changes. I have no idea what I weigh right now but I bet itís a lot. Iíve been drinking so much water and I never pee. I should be holding it somewhere.

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    I like the last pic the most

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    Quote Originally Posted by robo_rep View Post
    I like the last pic the most
    Lmao!! Thought you might! Me too. A little gift for reading my thread lol

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    WELL I was correct lol Iím holding 13lbs of water at the moment. Weighed in at 215 with sweats and shoes. I should be 200. Or at least that was my last weigh in. Iíd love to think a few pounds were solid but Iíll expect it isnít. Tomorrow I will weigh before eating and hopefully sweat out some of this fluid.

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    I don’t feel like my E2 is high and I don’t have any sides that I can tell, but That does not mean that it is not high.

    HOWEVER, if it is high that’s not necessarily a bad thing if health is good and sides are in check. Fluid retention could be a major discerning anabolic factor in certain AAS compounds. I feel great and I’m holding a gallon of water. I look good (maybe not as cut but so be it), I’m bigger. My muscles are engorged almost 24/7. I’m wondering what would happen if I discontinued winny all of a sudden. I’m relying on it for the moment as an anti gyno agent, Not to say that it hasn’t given me a wonderful strength boost. That’s one of 2 reasons I love winstrol. Strength increase for me is insane.

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