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Thread: Opinion on this cycle?

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    Ohh fuck no. I?m actually worried about you.

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    You wanna go on off tren like that. I hope you don?t have a family. They gonna hate you.

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    Bro I would listen that?s a lot of gear you are wanting to run. I?ve been running cycles for several years and don?t run that much. I?m getting ready for a cycle of 750 test 500 mast and 400 tren. You don?t need all that shit at once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topps_Baseball88 View Post
    I cant give and honest opinion when I don't know anything about the history you have with gear usage, how long you've been working out, the goals you are trying to accomplish the diet you have, it will absolutely make a difference if the body fat is higher, and also cycle length blood work etc, lots goes into this, I will let the more experienced gear guys set you up, just wanted to point you in the right direction ( also if this is the first ever cycle I'd drop every compound other than testosterone) tren has nasty sides and can wreck you if not careful tren cough etc. )

    You made no mention of a proper pct protocol after cycle? You need one
    Yeah fuck tren cough .... fucking terrible

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    Yeah, it doesn't make much sense. There's no clear goal from the cycle and your running conflicting gear. For example week 1 to 5 running dbol packs on some water weight and jump starts your cycle but then your running tren and mast which will both dry you out.

    Then you run var for 4 weeks which makes no sense to me either its the most mild thing you can get, not gonna change much from a 4 week run.

    Also if this is precomp and you really want/need to run the tren it should be 6-8 weeks max right before the show no reason to run for 4 and come off and no reason to take imo if not heading into a show, sides are to crazy.

    Lastly hgh 5iu needs to be run way longer than just these 15 weeks and you can't just jump right into 5iu with real gh you need to gradually increase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    come on man, there's no way you can be serious with this shit
    No way I can take it seriously that's for sure.
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    The cycke is just overboard and overkill all the way around

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    Where do they come up with this shit?
    Also ED injections with long esters makes zero sense (I know I know ?I want to keep my test levels steady?)
    fucking idiots

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    Maybe he got his cycle idea from watching rich piano's bigger by the day 😂

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