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Thread: is estrogen important for muscle building

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    dylan im a huge huge fan of you and all those videos i have already watch it , but if you are in politics , about testosterone , if you know the ( codotestone 250mg/ml which is egyption brand for testosterone enthate , now in egypt the expoting and importion is having a little bit of issues and it hard to get steroids and its very very expensive so i thought about not carring fot test as its avilibilty is minmim and im very sensitive to estrogen 🤦*♂️ but it appears that i should run test with tren
    Test needs to be the base of every cycle. If you have no test in your system from being shutdown and you don't replace it with an outside source of test, it's like becoming a woman. Test is what makes a man a man. You need it for proper well-being, energy, sex drive, and sexual function on top,of just not feeling like shit. You don't ever run a cycle without it

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