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Thread: 5 months of gym progress one S4S cycle and start of my second cycle

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    Looking great man. You definitely see the changes and that is just a testament to your work ethic and dedication. I am also sure that the s4s products have definitely given you that edge you were looking for.
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    Very nice work bro. Amazing progress with the best sarms in the game with

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    Definitely noticing today during my chest and shoulder workout the S4 is giving me a harder look even at 238lbs which I'm up 3.5lbs since starting my cycle almost 2 weeks ago now, it could just be me but in these photos my delts appear to be more rounded and capped look to them. I have noticed overall im starting to already recomp just in the photos I've taken last few days. I appreciate and love yall for the support and giving me fresh eyes and the outside perspective I need. I am loving S4 no doubt the S4S is top notch quality as always 💪
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    I just thought these looked cool with the purple screen when doing cardio, I did 10 minutes at lvl 8 on the stair stepper 700 steps, than biked for 25 minutes at 120rpm went 6.5 miles and burned roughly around 180 calories for a total of 35 minutes after my 1 hour and 30 minute workout today chest and shoulders.
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    Personally I still know and feel I got a long way to go abd for me I still think I don't look good but I am.suoer critical of myself and im always trying to strive and push for a better me in all aspects, im happy you guys can see my progress coming in at a fast rate. Definitely working hard as hell.

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    Figured I should include a scale shot
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