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Thread: US Domestic Source

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    Received my order and as always, communication and the whole process was lightning fast and on point. Cbbram is one of the most helpful when it comes to quality service.

    I decided to try SARMS for the first time and chose GW and MK. Using both at 20 mg and so far I couldnít be happier. Iím using this stack as a bridge in between cycles. I completed my last cycle and then went through my 6 week pct protocol. Now Iím on my bridge and I havenít lost any of my gains and now Iím drying out, hardening up, and my energy and endurance is freakiní killer! Iíve also gained 4 lbs in 4 weeks and STILL am in a caloric deficit (well, a caloric deficit for me anyways lol).

    For anyone who is looking for quality gear and great service, please donít hesitate to contact cbbram for your needs. The orals and oils are perfect and the sarms are doing what research suggests.

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    I've been getting Axio/PP products through Mr. Cbbram for months now and I'm happy to report that everything that I initially heralded on this thread (quality, service, professionalism and safety) still hold true.
    Now, after all this time I can add consistency to the list. Don't hesitate to join the club and to place your trust in this dude; you WILL not be disappointed.

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    Shout out to CBBRAM. Order was super smooth. Order was super quick with no hiccups. Nice working with a domestic source of this quality.

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    Shout out to CBBRAM and IWGF/Axio! Everything came in discreet and Cbbram was great with communication. Will most definitely order again from them! Believe the hype haha

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    Just to let everyone know Axio has rebranded themselves as EUP. Going forward the Axio brand will not be mentioned anymore.
    Last edited by cbbram; 09-29-2019 at 05:26 PM.

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    Staple of my current prep. Phenomenal results and we havenít reached the peak yet!!! Seriously guys reach out to Rick or CbBram theyíll hook you up, you wonít be sorry

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    Pleased with the communication and service from cbbram and team. These guys care about their product and reputation, it shows in the way they treat their customers.

    Thanks guys, will be ordering again soon!

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    I got my order today guys!!! Looks yummy !! Call your rep and place the order you wonít be sorry

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    Smooth ordering process and got it today! S/O to cbbram for the help!

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    I got some tbol from EUP.
    CBBRAM has been great to deal with.
    All has gone a described and expected. Shipping was timely and whole transaction was easy.
    Thanks for the assistance and follow up.
    I am in middle of a SARM cycle but going to do this stuff next.
    I will give everyone an update then.
    Again thanks for everything and highly recommend so far.

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