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Thread: Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

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    You found it!

    Everything you need, all in one place, from a trusted source.








    Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (Dick Pills)

    All top quality and superior value.

    No customs issues because it's all shipped domestically.

    Pm me here for a price list or for even faster response find me on the Wickr app where I am also Buddhabuilder.

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    First pin of my Spring Axiom Primo cycle today!

    I?ll post details later.

    This is going to be the best cycle yet...

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    So walking the talk, I have everything on hand (supports, AI, injectables, and orals) and I'm ready to go. I am on TRT and have been doing one 16 week cycle a year, so of course, no PCT.

    The cycle design, all doses split in 2 pins;

    All Axiom gear...
    weeks 1-16 Test E 350mg a week
    1-16 Primo 600mg a week
    11-16 Winstrol 50mg a day
    Aromasin 12.5mg twice a week (This is enough for me based on bloods from past cycles)
    1-16 Liver Support every day

    Oh, almost forgot, HGH 3iu a day every day. Last year was the first time I used HGH and I did it for 9 months with amazing results. Our Generic HGH is top quality just like the rest of our products.

    So watch this space for updates and of course the post cycle picture with last years to show the progress.

    Here we go...

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    Happy Saturday Bros. I appreciate you all checking in on this thread while considering your exercise routines, diet, and supplementation for the coming week.

    Feel free to post thoughts and questions on this thread and connect with me on the Wickr me app for a 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list while considering your next cycle.

    As you see from my last post, I just started my Spring and am excited to take my own training to the next level.

    Just getting started...

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    Monday is the day that sets the mood for my training week, and I was killing it this morning.

    Less time between sets, heavier weights, and smooth focused form.

    I'm not waiting for the gear to kick in or someone to give me permission to work out.

    Get you 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list today and make a fresh start on your physique journey.

    You got this...

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    Can I get a list

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    Connect with me on Wickr me app for order instructions...

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    I just got the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list so reach out to me today to ensure you get the gear you need.

    Use the Wickr app where I am also Buddhabuilder for fastest responses.

    Time to transform...

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    Keep the price list requests and orders coming.

    It's a great time to redetermine to develop your ideal physiques so you can spend time flexing in public when we get to the other side of the chaos.

    As always pm me here or use the Wickr me app, where I am also Buddhabuilder, for even faster responses.

    Happy Friday...

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    Just started my second week of this cycle and I'm designing a new workout routine I will be maxing out the weights in about 5 weeks. This is not me waiting for the gear to kick in. More like creating the perfect environment for this Axiom gear to really shine.

    Feel free to contact me regarding your cycle designs, workout routines, or philosophical insights. I'm always open to spreading the love and sharing my own experiences in these realms.

    Be sure you have the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list to help you choose the right items for your next cycle. The Wickr me app, where I am also Buddhabuilder, is the fastest way of connecting and getting your orders in.

    It's time...

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