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Thread: Pinnacle Performance (1SDS) Official Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade3 View Post
    Ordered from Tazz, beside always being a great guy and helpful in past experiences, he did a wonderful job helping me get my first domenstic touchdown! Thanks Bro!
    I appreciate the kind words brother!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddhabuilder View Post
    Just when you thought the crew at 1 - Stop Domestic Shop couldn't get even more awesome we have Tazz coming on board to take us all to a whole new level.

    Now, I'm not going to making references to the A Team because I don't want to start a fight about who gets to be Mister T, but lets just say "I pity the poor fool that goes with any other source".

    We are that good.

    Reach out to any one of us for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list and join the party.

    We are just getting started...
    Definitely Buddha! Excited to be working along a great group of guys.

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    Reach out to any of us for price lists and ordering!

    Wickr- Tazzog (Head Representative)

    Wickr-Rickrock13 (Official Reprentative)

    Wickr- Buddhabuilder (Official Representative)

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    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Add my Wickr: tazzog for Price List

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    All customers that choose me at 1-Stop Domestic Shop will receive free cycle advice, diet advice, cycle tips and help from me personally.

    I care about your health and safety and want to ensure you are cycling correctly with proper compounds and nutrition.

    For this service, add my Wickr: tazzog

    We are all about safety, we take extreme protocols when shipping, our extremely easy payment process, lab testing and even down to throwing away entire raw batches that are even 1% below our standard.

    Why wait a month, worry about customs and signatures from international when you can have our product at your door in 2-3 days from this very second?

    Or even order blindly from domestic sources without lab reports, when we test every single batch for purity and potency. Not a single vial or tablet is ever shipped without the raw that was used for that specific product being tested.

    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Add my Wickr: tazzog For Price List

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    Picture courtesy of RickRock!

    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Wickr: tazzog for Price List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwannagofaster View Post
    Oh man. It took a lot of work to get Tazz on board. He's incredibly loyal. We spent a long, long time to trying sway him our way.........
    But that's exactly why we knew he was the right fit. Tazz doesn't just jump on board because it looks a bit better than what's currently going on. He's a real professional. He looks at all of what it is but also all of what it can be. In the end, he knew that he connected himself with the finest Domestic brand out there and we knew that we were very fortunate to have him oversee the team.

    Big warm welcome Tazz. Glad to have you.
    Very honored to be here.

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    Guaranteed 1 hour or less responses on Wickr!

    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Wickr: tazzog for Price List

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    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Wickr: tazzog for Price List

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    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Wickr: tazzog for Price List

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