Approved Log Semaglutide log

I was down 1 lb. the first week and gained back that lb this week. I'm at 196. It wasn't a great week and I didn't get the full .25mg last Friday, which I could tell the difference. I decided to go to .5 mg today since I haven't had any sides. I will do this week and next at .5 and then jump to 1 mg after that. My workouts have been great, I'm either doing more reps or increasing the weight each week. I work for a mowing business and the season starts April 1st, so I will be getting plenty of steps/cardio. I will workout 3 days a week, full body instead of my current routine. If anything the Sema eliminates any cravings, but I'm sure it's doing other things inside.
you won't go wrong staying consistent with your diet and your training
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