Approved Log Semaglutide log

mix in fasting and a lot of fasted cardio and your results will be incredible
I especially want to see your diet to dial you in
you've got some muscular legs I think your lower body is more muscular than your upper body
Thanks for the comments. The belly got to this point from too many sweets and to much beer. My main focus first was to cut way down on the sweets and the daily beer or alcohol. Since I started I haven't had a drink and minimal sweets. Once I have that controlled, which will eliminate a lot of calories, I'll focus more on the diet. The sema seems to be having a definite psychological effect, which that alone will help me loose some fat.
I'm trying to get bigger arms
The current Mon/Wed/Fri workout is:
Reverse Lateral: 20lb x 20+20 partials
Squats: 160lb x 10 x 3
Tib Raises: 27.5lb x 20 x 3
Leg Curl: 100lb x 10 x 3
Leg Ext: 100lb x 10 x 3
Bent-over Row: 65lb x 10 x 3
DB Bench: 70lb x 9 x 3
Tri-Pushdown: 45lb x 20 x 2
Waiters Curl: 27.5lb x 20 x 2
Tri- band Ext: 20 x 3
Hammer Curl: 17.5lb x 20 x 3
Reverse Lateral: 20lb x 20+20 partials
1-Arm Lat pull: 60lb x 12 x 3
DB Shoulder Press: 33.5lb x 10 x 3
Bi-Pulldowns: 95lb x 10 x 3
Partial Bench for Tris: 155lb x 10 x 3
Lateral Partials: 25lb x 25 x 2
Partial Pushups: 50 x 3
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