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Hi all, I'm 5'9", 50 yo 197 lbs. Over the last year and a half I did my first and second test cycles and got over my fear of needles. I started semaglutide today with .25 mg. I'm following weeks 1-4 .25 mg, weeks 5--8 .5 mg, weeks 9-12 1 mg. I'll start out with sema only and maybe add GW later. I'm working out Mon-Fri with 3 days full body and 2 days hitting weak spots.
I hope you can get the results you're looking for
there are a lot of people who've used these types of drugs
monstro wants to see pictures to see what your body fat is at
I don't think you're that overweight with your stats
make sure you update us with pictures
also keep your cardio strong and consistent
post up your diet
we want to see some pictures of what you're eating as well
bros good start to this log
make sure you don't over complicate things
it's pointless to use these types of drugs if you're dying isn't on point
be honest and post up your diet so we can take a look
I'm looking forward to seeing what you're capable of doing
there are a lot of different options when it comes to these drugs
I'll get some pics and my diet posted. I'll only use Umbrella for Semaglutide and any Sarms I use.
Breakfast- Protein shake 150 cal., 2.5 fat, 4 carbs, and 30 protein
Lunch- Egg/turkey sausage/buffalo chicken mix 370 cal., 21 fat, 1 carb, 39 protein
Dinner will very each day as I will fix something for the family.
The previous two/three weeks has been weird eating wise. I have a sweet tooth, so I have candy in the house, my first mistake. When I'm watching TV I'll grab a bag of candy or chips and before I know it it's gone. It was like I couldn't stop or control it. I've never felt like that before. All this to say I started semaglutide in the morning Friday and by the afternoon, I didn't even want any kind of snack. It is still that way today. Normally I would want to eat something right now just to eat something but I'm satiated.
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