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Just wrapping up 10 weeks of test prop, npp, anavar, and Rad 140.
I ran the var 6 weeks
Npp 10 weeks
Test Prop and rad 140 12 weeks.
Got phenomenal results i'm starting trt test enth post cycle 125 mg every 8 days...

My question pertains to running ostarine. Can I start 25 mg after I finish the test prop and Rad 140?
Or should I wait maybe 4 weeks off everything out of my system to wait to start a bridge of ostarine?
Thanks appreciate the feedback i also added mk 677 and Gw
I would just give it about 2-3 weeks and you can start it.. you dont need to wait 4 weeks being on trt, but just give your body a little rest and then you can start it.. i would also look at ac262.. its essentially a stronger version of mk2866 and its popularity is rising continuously.. im using it right now and love it
I like to tell people to stay at homeostasis for a while and not run anything. Its like hitting the reset button for gains when you start again
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