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  • Hi Dylan, please provide 20% discount for esarms! I wish I would have messaged you as I just bought 400 worth of cardarine from esarms, but they were nice enough to add Cardazol! I am definitely looking to buy LGD soon. Thanks for your time!
    Quick question about cardarine and sr9009 stack and your blood work. Did you have any adverse effects on your liver enzymes and creatinine levels while using these 2 at the same time? My first purchase was from proven peptides and 9 days in I had blood work done and my creatinine levels were at 1700 instead of the 1-300 range and my liver enzymes were high as well. I did immediately quit using it and got a refund. Did you see anything like this using esarms and do you think I was given fake product?

    Thanks for the help.
    Thanks for the help and fast reply. For a follow up, should I incorporate cardazol during the cycle with M1MK or use it after?
    Hey Dylan, hoping to get the discount code! Also just a quick question about my first SARM cycle. Is it better to start off with only one SARM (Rad 140 or LGD4033), or can I use two (S4 &LGD 4033). Thanks for the help!
    Hey Dylan, I made this profile strictly to contact you. I'm interested in doing a sarms cycle to bulk up but I wanted to share some background:

    I'm a 28 year old male, 5'10 weighing roughly 125lbs (ima skinny mofo, I know I know smh..)

    I've been to the gym in the past and gained 25lbs in 2 months but then I stopped.. (newb gains)

    I would like to start again and finally change my physique once and for all.

    I know food is probably the highest factor and I already have an idea on what to do.

    My question is, would taking Sarms for bulking be too much too early starting off or should I wait? What would you recommend?
    Hi Dylan

    I'm 82kg height 170 training 7years.
    Bf 9.
    Recommendation for sarms cycle want to add more gains.

    Also I live in Australia can you recommend a good reputable site to buy.

    Hey mate

    Trying to order some DG post ct from your site but keep getting the message “ the configuration with processor is invalid. Call merchant service provider”

    Any help would be appreciated.
    This is my first time taking testolone, how long should the cycle be? Some people say 6-8 weeks i have seen and others say 12, whats your advice?
    Ohh damn, thanks so much for the advice, i saw your advice to others and you seen very knowledgeable about sarms, i will deff have other questions, ill check out that site right now
    Whats up man i want to do a 12 week cycle of rad, how many bottles should i buy from sarmsx for 12 weeks and how much is 20mg, i know on the bottle its measured in ml so im confused on how much to take
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