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  • Hey dylan looking for 20% off coupon. A little weary as this forum is run by esarms and they are priced higher. Im being tested in August for school and a camp so I need to know if i would pass an ncaa drug test as well as NHL
    Hey Dylan, super excited that the new site is live. Been following for a while waitng. Heard you have 20% off codes. If so send one my way so I can get an order in.

    Dylan I have a question would be great if you can help asap. I'm currently stacking Mk2766 S4 and GW for 12w.. should I also run GW with Clomid for PCT?
    Hey Dylan,
    I sent you a PM. Want your advice on a Tbol lgd stack. My stats are 22 6’7, 215, 14% . Goal is 230-35. Have some personal questions too man. Please hit me up ASAP if you have the time brother. Thanks my man
    Age-27 Height-5’9 Weight-190 BF-11% My goal is to do a bulking phase get up around 215 or up got my full diet set with calorie surplus and workout plan.
    Hey Dylan,
    Quick question I’m going to start my first cycle of tren (Not my very first cycle just with tren included). I will taking tren ace and test e. I wanted to know what would be good mix to take (Dosage,PCT) I have anastrozol,tomoxafin,Clomid,HCG, Caber on the way(I’m not using all these just have on hand).I didn’t know which would be best to take or anything you would add. Any info would be grateful just have add mixed answers.

    Was researching your products. About to cycle.
    In the past I used “on cycle”.
    My question is for your products could I run both during cycle and then off as well? Would I need my generic multi like on cycle was as well or would the two product suffice?

    Thank you and looking forward to trying them!
    Hi Dylan,

    I’ve got a question I’m hoping you could help me out with. I travel and I’m on the road a lot for work. I’ve been on TRT for a few years and recently switched to pellets, (90/10) split of test and anastrazol mixed together.
    It seems to be working fine, however I want a little more to help with my gains.

    My clinic offers Deca and HCG. I’m 44 yrs. old weigh 240lbs. 5”11 my BF is 20%! How would you dose to get leaner and build more muscle at the same time, or is that even possible?
    Thank you
    Hey Dylan,

    Are there any issues with switching from Lgd to s4? Long story short I have less lgd than I originally thought.. And am only going to make it through 3 weeks. Training is going so great and I'd like to see how s4 goes. Anything to consider if I transition between the two? (already aware of side effects of s4, more concerned about not having a break?)

    If it's of any relevance I'm 25 Yr old female.

    Hi, I’m a 50 yr old female, and just completed an 8 wk cycle of ostarine.
    My goal right now is adding muscle.
    Do you recommend I do another cycle of ostarine or something else?
    Also, how many wks on and off
    should I be doing?
    One last question bro pleas is there someplace I could send it to To have it tested so I at least know what I put into my body?
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