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  • Hey Dylan
    Asking for your suggestion, finished Sarms cycle running S4 LGD MK 2866. Going into PCT GW MK2866 would it make use to use Nolvadex rather than Clomid either or?
    Hi Dylan,

    S4 question for you. I am female, started your recommended triple stack 2 weeks ago (MK x 12.5 for 1st 2wks, GW x 20, S4 x 25+25). I noticed the dreaded vision changes and stopped taking the S4 two days ago (exactly 14 days in). I want to start back up and see if I can slow taper 12.5 for 2 weeks worth it as a starting point? I work as a firefighter, so the light/dark vision changes mess me up a lot at night with emergency lights - but S4 seems like it’s really worth trying again to reap the benefits. Thoughts?

    Dylan, where are all your old videos on your new site elite fitness? I only see about 7 vids under anabolics.
    Hi Dylan,

    I have been using caps gw501516 from a popular site for about 2 and half weeks. Didnt feel anything but mucus for the first 4 days. Day 5 & 6 I felt great! Day 7 & on I feel like shit. Chest pain, high hr & bp, & also had an anxiety attack a couple days ago. Went to the ER & had every test ran on me only to find out im in perfect health. My normal hr is between 34-40 with 40 being high. For about 5 days now my hr has been betweenn 50-130 resting. I discontinued gw 4 days ago & still am battling this heart rate issue.

    Have you ever heard of anyone feeling these symltoms on gw? Could I have been given some bullshit?
    Been following your posts for years, but I am new to this website. Went to school for Biochemical Engineering and respect your reviews from the scientific side of things. Legit af. Keep up the good work. I am sure you have answered this, but figured it was worth asking. SARMs for checked baggage, do you keep it in the same bottle (clearly labeled not for human use with the drug name)? Or do you transfer it?
    Hey man, this is Devin. You told me that you had a TRT doc in Beverly Hills. Do you know if she does skype appointments? because I live in the Seattle area and I don't think I can afford to fly down there for appointments but I'll take what I can get! Its been a huge mission to try to get a real endo who's not a T clinic doctor. I appreciate it tho dylan thanks man.
    Hello dylan
    Iam 24 years old man and ive veen lifting the past 4 years..i decided to run a testo sustanon cycle twice a week at 500mg..iam at 10% bf
    As pct i will run
    Clomid 50 50 25 25
    Nolva 40 20 20 20
    Aromadin 12.5 EOD
    MK 2866 at 25mg every day
    And caradrin 25mg every day
    Is my pct good or should do something else..please advice me..
    Thanks alot
    Hi my name is mike is it nessary to take a ai on 100mg of test a week and about how many weeks in should I start taking this if its nessary thanks for your time
    Hey Dylan I'm 25 208 been lifting for 3 year I just start my first cycle running only 250 of cypionate I have my Nolvadex and Clomid for my PCT I'm planning to do 10 week now idk how my body is going to react some people telling to use the Nolvadex to don't get bitch titis but I know the Nolvadex just blocks the estrogens and I can get a rebound shud I run something like aromasin o armidex just to be secured?
    I understand that sarms don't convert to estrogen but I've been told it can happen so was also lead to believe I should run a small dose of Arimistane along my sarms to help with suppression because my libido is not the best right now. I think I might have possibly crashed my estrogen? Please tell what I should do. I don't know who else to talk to. And I order from two sources: Allamericanpeptides and evolvingnattys also forgot to mention I've started running Cardarine and s4 a couple weeks ago
    Please help me I'm not sure who else would be more fimiliar with this stuff than you. I've been running 10mg LGD-4033 and 25mg of Mk677 with 50-75mg of Arimistane a day for about 8 weeks now. I'm starting to feel hotter than everyone else, my blood pressure is high, my heart rate feels faster than normal and I'm even depressed and tired. Is there any suggestions you can please give me?
    Stats: 21, 5'11, 178lbs
    Hey Dylan just wanted to thank you personally for the advice and info you gave me. Keep up the great work with videos. You’ll always have a fan with me brother
    Hey Dylan! You’ve got a ton of questions but if you get a chance to reply to mine that would be awesome. Recently suffered a few compression fractures to a few vertebrae’s in the middle of my back. I had hit some awesome personal goals but now am shedding muscle since I’m unable to workout. I’m 21 and was thinking of trying mk-677 due to the ability of bone growth and muscle build with low amounts of exercise, I do have good genetics thankfully but hurts to see it all go after hard work. Would this compound be a good fit? Thanks- Kris
    Hi there Dylan. I’m actually a patient and not a body builder. I’m looking to to take Ostarine for a muscle wasting condition. I’ve read studies that say Ostarine (SARMS) could really help. Upon reading many threads in the forum I’ve stumbled accross your name in regards to knowing where I can get the best SARMS possible. Whether that be liquid or cap form. Anyways I’m thinking of starting out small 10mg and seeing what that does.

    I just asked you the question about bridging w sarms.

    So week 1-4 pct clomid ostarine
    Week 5-8 ostarine gw s4
    Week 9-16 gw s4
    Week 17-19 mini pct

    This sound correct? I am 27 btw

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