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  • Hi Dylan, for my cycle you recommended I should use Winstrol instead of anavar the other day.

    You said 50mg a day at a split dose.

    What's the best way to split it with 10mg tablets?

    I was told by the guy who sold it, take 2 in the morning, 2 before gym and 1 before bed on training days

    I train Monday to Friday around 5pm in the evening

    I have 100 tablets, your advise would be much appreciated

    MR GEMELLI hi i have a gym question for you i been going to the gym for the last 5 months i do 2 and a half hours of cardio 6 days a week is that to much to build muscle i need your help on this i gakin fat very easy even on a very good deit
    Ok. I'll take your word for it. Not gonna lie I know the mk and gw are not suppressive when used for such a short term.
    But I'm worried about the fact that im already suppressed? Are they're studies that show that it won't continue further suppression? Anyway you have infinite more experience than me I'm only here to ask questions
    Could you please advise me when to discontinue my aromasin? Let's say I pin on mon and fri so week 12 fri would be my last. Do I discontinue aromasin on fri with last pin? Or continue through Sunday? And obviously the following 2 weeks would be Esther clearing. So I'm using nothing except HCG untill pct starts. Thanks for your help Dylan!
    Thank you. All your videos have been crazy helpful. Without them I would have made many beginner mistakes. You videos informed me that nolva alone is not enough for pct and many many other good points. I'm not decided yet on adding the osta and carderine to pct like you suggest. It's my first cycle and I'm already putting test, aromasin, nolva, chlomid, and HCG in my body. I'm just hesitant to add 2 more hormones. I'd like to see how I react to these. Anyway, thank you for what you do Braddah.
    Hey dylan. I'm about to start my first cycle, test only. got everything planned out well except for one thing I haven't heard clarified in anybody's videos. I'm assuming this is because you run it the full 12 weeks.
    What week do i start to run my AI (aromasin)? Week 1?
    Can you please help me put a program together that would include LGD, MK677, & GW? Possibly including a mini pct for 12 wks? Thanks.
    So that will get me to cut all this extra weight? I am not just trying to cut fat, just weight in general. I know that sounds a bit vague and ironic to want to just lose a bit of muscle mass, but I literally feel too heavy for crossfit and my back starts to cramp up. A lot of my gymnastic movements have gotten much harder. All I am really looking for is stack that will help me lose weight and then maintain. If that means to use the stack and go on a calorie deficit until I get to my desire weight, that is what I will do, but after that I just want the stack to maintain me. I have no desire to gain any more weight then I have. If that makes sense. Also why did u not mention mk2866?

    I have been following your videos for quite some time. A couple months ago i did a cycle of the triple stack, which gave me great results in crossfit. Then after my PCT, I went and did a LGD, Nutrobal, GW, RAD cycle. This made me gain too much weight, about 10lbs in 2 weeks. Although most people want more muscle and less fat, which is what happened. My body could not handle the crossfit workouts, I felt too heavy and my performance dropped. However I did get stronger, but running/metcons and just overall performance dropped in that aspect. So I stopped. I went from 193lb to 203lbs. I currently just want to get back to being a consistent 190lb body weight guy, except I have very low fat percentage. So how do I get rid of all this extra weight??? My back is cramping up during my workouts.

    Should I go back on the triple stack? Essentially I feel like I would have to cut some of the muscle mass....that is my theory, but I could be wrong. Should I just go straight up GW?
    Some guy named Rick Rock just messaged me with some advice, no big deal. He included a link to a totally different store. The site only sells pills not liquids like you. Just didnt want someone fucking up your kool aid, youve always helped me.
    Hi Dylan. First I want to start off by thanking you for all you do for this industry. I really appreciate the time you take to give all of us the information that you do. I wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind. I'm about to get GW-501516 for my lab rat. Given what I have read and learned from you about this, I was just curious about taking pre work outs along with this and if you thought it would alter or have any kind of adverse affect on my rat at all? Hope to hear from you. Thank you again for all the great content!
    why do they have one stack higher than the other if it is the same thing? For the 12 week shred stack and six pack stack on sarmsx
    Basketball and my goal is to lower my body fat and muscle hardening while building endurance and building lean muscle. So I guess I am asking which stack would be the best from sarmsx for that reason and the cheapest option I could get . I would be running a 12 week stack brw. Thanks
    Hi Dylan,

    . I submitted an order last night to sarmsx but as of 11:50 am CST, my payment has not been deducted. Do you know why that is?

    Makes sense. My goal is to gain 4 lbs of muscle while of course keeping my fat levels below 12%. Because of my age and body type, it's much easier for me to lose weight than gain muscle. I LOVED MK2866, and didn't know how much until I got off cycle and my sciatica and the effects of a workout has on a 53 year old. MK2866 was excellent for the nagging injuries, but wanted to know should I add anything more to build muscle
    Hi Dylan,

    Thanks for all your help and post. I've learned a lot and have just finished my second cycle of MK2866. My PCT was 4 weeks clomid and GW. I'm currently into my 2nd week of just vitamins and wanted to start another cycle. I'm 53, 196 with 14% BF (lean body frame) I'M looking for advice for my next cycle, and what would be best for someone my age.
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