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  • Hey man. Quick question regarding sarms during pct and bridging w them. Finishing up just a first cycle ever of only test e for 12 weeks. Going to run my pct of clomid and ostarine for 4 weeks each.

    I want to bridge sarms before my next cycle. I'm leaning towards a gw and s4 bridge but want to maybe use ostarine also. But since I'm going to use ostarine in my pct, will this be okay to continue running it straight from pct into a bridge with my s4 and gw? And how long for the bridge? Would appreciate some advice
    Hey brother was wondering what your recomendations on a good oral protectant would be? Perhaps somthing i could go out and pick up at gnc? Thanks for all your vids man ur a big help
    Hi Dylan,
    I seen you do a video about a gyno protocol.
    could you send it to me?

    I do have prami coming for a potential next cycle so this doesn’t happen again and the same source sells Gabergoline but they are just out of stock now.
    Unless you direct other wise.

    Thanks a lot Dylan for all your help and I really appreciate it!
    Hi dylan ive watched your videos for about a year and have leard lot. I have a question on my page and think you are one of the only ones i would trust to ask bout my cycle, especially since most ppl i know say take 30,000,000 mg every 4 hours for 32 weeks lol. Also i for got to ask in there i also have had some success with tribulus, is there anything a little stronger all natural or otc except for hcg?

    Thanks and keep making dope videos hahaha no pun intended.
    Hey Dylan, I'm 48 years old and new to the whole steroid game. Luckily you were the first person I came across when I started my research and I've yet to go anywhere else. I respect your opinion and like the fact that your about safety first, that says a lot in my book. My question is, is DGA post CT and DGA organ support safe to take together during and after a cycle and for how long?
    Hey Dylan I have a big question how long does it take to get the natural testosterone back up and running ?after testosterone 400 only cycle ? With the pct of clomid and nolvadex ? Thanks watched your YouTube videos but time period for natural testosterone to kick back to normal was not there .thanks for your time
    Hi Dylan. I am a 36 yr old female. I Would love to ask a few questions about something but it appears that this shows up below and I feel embarrassed for everyone to see how naive I am. Is there any other way to message?
    Hey Dylan.

    I saw one of your videos on YouTube and you were talking about 1st steroid cycles and it said that you like to answer questions.

    So I'd like to ask you a few just to get some clarification.

    I'm 22 and I am wanting to do a 13 week cycle on test c.

    It would start at 200mg a week for weeks 1-6(2 100mg shots a week)

    Then bump up to 400mg a week for weeks 7-13(2 200mg shots a week)

    I understand that I will need an aromatise inhibitor during that cycle and that for pct I'll need hcg and something like clomid or nolvadex.

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you think I will be able to have a safe cycle? Safety is #1 for me. Any advice you have will be very much appreciated.

    Also the supplier I'm looking at for the gear is called Dragon pharma.

    I don't know if that's a reputable source or if you know a reputable source I'd really like to know.

    Thanks Dylan.
    Hey Dylan I'm looking to place orders for Lgd and Andarin. The site is not working, where else can I order or what can I do ?
    Hey Dylan. I'm about to start pct for a 16 week first cycle test only. I have everything you say to use for pct. but I just came accross a video of yours saying to use aromasin on pct. I was under the impression I end the aromasin with my test. So my question is do I continue using aromasin through my pct?
    Hi dylan,

    I'm looking to get a sr9009 or gw501516 in singapore and the isarms website does not ship to singapore, i've found a couple of sources wondering if they are legit or not (liquid) and enhanced athelete (caps/pills)in singapore... do you recommend getting from them??

    Please advise

    Hey Mr. Gemelli i have a couple questions maybe you can answer for me. Can i stack LGD-4033 with Catarine? How many weeks do you recommend on taking these 2? Would i need a PCT For these?
    Hello Dylan, I signed up for this forum a few days ago to post a thread so I can get some PCT help from experts like yourself or Rick, but I have been waiting for a few days now and he thread is still pending mod approval.
    Is it normal? I'm sorry to bother you with a PM but I'm experiencing very bad psychological sides.
    Thank you for your time.
    Hey what's up man. Trying to place an order in SarmsX but having issues with adding a different address for delivery.
    Hey Dylan Whats the half life of clomaphine citrate? do I take it every second day for a sarms pct? thanks
    Hey Dylan Whats the half life of clomaphine citrate? do I take it every second day for a sarms pct? thanks
    Hey Dylan.
    I'm on my fourth week of SArmsx the tripple stack protecol,
    .5 cc 2x day of A4
    1cc of cartirine
    .5cc of Osta
    I was running low on A4 so i re-upped and purchased a seven bottle stack bundle with the three above sarms and 2 bottle of Anabolcium...
    Is it ok to add the Anabolcium and what or how much per day should i add,
    Thanks in advance
    Hey Dillan. I started my first cycle recently. And I watched your video on Injections. So I'm about 170 in good shape but still probably over 10% body fat. I've been using a 25G 1'' in glutes. I go all the way in even depressing the skin a bit with the base of syringe. No problems so far.
    I have to ask. Do I really need to go bigger gauge if it's working fine? Should I switch to one and a half inch soon as possible?
    Thanks for your time man.
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