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  • Dylan, I know you prob get this question a bunch but I wanted to get your input on a sarms cycle. I have watched all your sarm videos on YouTube and value your opinion. I'm currently 5"9 158lbs around 12-15% bf. I'm wanting to do the 8 week recomp stack from sarms x and wanted to know what your thoughts are on that. Really want to add lean muscle and cut Bf that I have around my abdominal area. I'm on a clean carb cycling diet right now and work out 5x per week woth 30min low impact solid state cardio after each workout. If you could help me with recommendations on what sarms to run and what dosage I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
    i purchased from you the 8 week stack.i am 57 yrs 200 recommend a mild pct after the stack.what exactly is that.
    thank you,
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