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  • Hey mate just did a quick post but thought may as well ask here in case you didn't have the time, just looking for which sarms stack would be ideal for bulking, and the doses?

    Appreciate your time bro
    When ordering from sarmsx do they split the charges up for bigger orders my total was $529.09 but on my card they've only charge $259.02 ?

    Thanks for you me time
    Dylan love the videos! You've helped me and many friends! I am looking for a first mild cycle been training consistent for 4 years. I'm looking to harden up for a photo shoot but also have a huge desire for something androgenic sarm or steroid to help increase my facial hair as I've heard having really does helps these days with bookings! Thing is I have the genes for this but past few years here in my mid twenties all I have is soft vellus like hairs all over the face. Any good androgen or high dht compounds that can actual help in growing and maturing facial hair. I have a clear pattern on my face but I really can see that there is something missing and being able to sped up and aid with this process would be a great great thing for many men like me! I know you would have something great to say on the topic thank you so much!
    Hey there buddy is there anyway you can give me the best dosage for a 12 week cycle of NNP and Test? Thanks for your time
    age 37
    Hey Dylan man I have a PCT question for you your time and opinion is appreciated!150 eod test prop first cycle ever..8 weeks.i have aromasin 10mg a day pct and clomid..50/50/25/25 anything else you would recommend??
    Whatzup dylan?!? I want to know, in your professional opinion, what is the best suggested cutting cycle from start to finish combining sarms and steroids and including a post cycle treatment? I'm 41 years old, 5'7" tall, 202 lbs, gym 5 times a week, and on a nutrient plan.
    hey dylan !
    i want t run my first steroid cycle ever a cutting cycle
    but the only test available to me is test enth
    so i was wondering if you could help me with info to a first cutting cycle with test enth and the rest of the cycle stacks and how long should i run it and doses .
    Hi Dylan, Ive been seeing all these things about sarms and how they work real good! I am considering them for gaining muscle, just wanted to see if u would give me some advice on what someone should use?I'm 5"6 162 pounds and go to the gym 4 times a week!
    Wow. I wasn't trying to insult anyone or try and make accusations in any way. Like I stated, I wanted to learn more, I just happen to stumble upon that site and simply wanted your thoughts. Nothing more, seeing as how you stated in one of your videos that you have over 5 years research and I am just starting out in the sarms world, I figured you were the go to person. Not trying to bash or cause anyone to defend anything, just wanted info on that site. I even stated that I was skeptical of that site when I stated that it seemed like a place giving other places bad names due to association. Kind of the guilty by association thing.

    My apologies, I won't bother you again with my meaningless questions.....
    Hello Dylan,

    I have watched many of your videos on sarms, thank you for the very in depth information on sarms. I joined this site to expand my knowledge of sarms and to look into sarmsx information. So far everything I have read and researched points the way that sarmsx is best of the best. I've used another places rad 140, not sure if I know that I am noticing anything. I was going to try sarmsx when I came across something. Can you look into this I am a bit curious about the information I found on this site. Could it be due to "other" companies associated with these countries and giving a bad name? Kind of spooked me, can you shed some light on this for me please.

    I appreciate the time and help.....
    sorry for the misunderstanding on my behalf on the tren thread, I completely agree with your last reply to the thread and apologize for my wording and any disrespect I may of shown towards you and Angelo
    Hi Dylan,
    Like so many here, I ran into your videos and like your message.
    I think I heard in one video that you train people, is that right?
    If so I'd like to talk about working with you.
    Hello Dylan,

    Just had a question for you. I'm wondering if you can guide me to the proper resources on getting aromasin or arimadex? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
    Hi Dylan, great site! Can you recommend a good source? Also any advice on kidney protection/ supplements?

    Any info is much appreciated!

    Hi Dylan. Joined the site after watching several of your video's and all this was very informative.
    I am looking into starting a cycle of the RAD 140 but not sure about what to take with it or stand alone?
    48 years old. Lifting 4 days a week. 5'8 and 180.
    Lifting for 2 years and while still getting stronger and slightly bigger as time goes I'm a tad bulky I think. Any insight would be helpful!?
    Hi Dylan,

    Anthony here. .. After some thorough research I have two questions.. Id like to stack Gw and rad.
    What do you think of stacking these two for 8-10 weeks ?
    If so, what dosage would you suggest?

    Looking forward to your help bro.

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