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  • Hello Dylan, I'm a recent new subscriber to your channel and have been enjoying the vids.
    You had done a particular video in regards to Equipoise. you had said that dosage should be
    between 600-800 a week. My question Dylan is this: would that be 600-800 in one injection or is it best to split the dosage?
    Thank you for your time and thanks for all the great info!
    the best to you
    I've never done trt, I usually do pct. Yeah I know, I really want to get better with my diet. I'm currently off cycle right now. Last time I did my cycle it was in November. I would like to see your layouts.
    Is there a reason for no input/response? To be honest I was hoping to get extra insite if It seemed I needed it but I am not sure I am at this point.
    I want to use both. I never used sarms before but for steroids, i was debating either Tbol, tren, masteron, test e, superdrol, trestolone, or deca. I'm not saying do them all at the same time but I want to know what would be the most effective stack and minimal side effects. This is what I've done in the previous cycle...

    1st cycle: test e and anavar
    2nd cycle: dbol (which was a mistake because I did that without test)
    3rd cycle: test p and Winn
    4th cycle test e and deca
    5th cycle test p and tren ace
    6th cycle test p and superdrol (didn't get much out of it because It was a "clone superdrol"

    I'm lucky that I didn't get any serious side effects...tren only made me have the night sweats, dbol and superdrol made me feel lethargic, and Winn give me a mild acne on my shoulders and of course I did use pct in all my cycles.
    Hey Dylan, my name is Joseph and I watch your videos all the time. I have a question, my goal is to gain weight but lose body fat at the same time...any advice on what to eat?? Honestly I struggle with my diet and I'm trying to get that straight. Another question is any advice on doing a cycle? What steroid, sarms, protectants, etc. My stats are

    Bf: 10.8%
    Ht: 6'0.5
    Wt: 215
    Cycle exp: 6 cycles
    Working out: 9 years

    I would like to be at
    Bf: 7%
    Wt: 225-230
    We talked once about me trying a single sarm but I have changed my mind because I might be looking at a shoulder surgery soon and want new advice or see if I'm on the right track. After further reasearch and a couple friends running sarms after I recover I wanted to run lgd to help some with strength plus I was told but not sure on it helps with healing tendons? And I also wanted to add rad140 to it. This would be for strength and some size back depending on how long I could be out. Lgd at 10mgs a day for for 12 weeks and rad 140 at 20mgs a day for 12 weeks then for the first month add daa at 3 grams a day I would use before my workout about 30-45minutes because I have found it causes huge pumps for me as I easily gain mass and strength. My pct was just going to be your guys/sarmsx mini pct. how does this look and sound to you? I really thought about adding a third sarm but honestly cost prevents that for right now but still better to have two over one.
    Hi Dylan, would love your input on some stack suggestions. I'm 5'10 185#, 11-13%bf. Been lifting for around 3 years now in various styles. want to regain lost size/strength from being sick (and then some), I want to gain some size/weight, add muscle hardness/density (up to 195-200), increase strength (powerlifter) and lower my bf to around 8-10%. I've been looking into LGD, S4 (mildly concerned about vision issues but split daily dosage should help with that like you say), Carderine, Ostarine and Rad but I'm still a bit unsure how to combine any number of these most effectively.

    I'm hoping you can give me some help with two different stack options, one for the scenario of unlimited financial resources (stack whatever will be most effective in your opinion) and one for a tighter budget, with 2 or maybe 3 SARMs suggested.

    I also have a mild knee issue due to quad tightness. Been working on it, not sure if any SARM can help with that type of issue.

    Thanks in advance brother.
    Hey Dylan, Hopefully you can help me out. I'm a young guy who has been strength training for about three years now, focusing on being pound for pound the strongest and most explosive I can be. My diet is on point and I train 5 times a week. I am currently 5ft 9in at 160 about 9% I need to remain lean and train for explosiveness as I'm a ballet dancer and some of the acrobatics stuff we do requires enough force to almost defy gravity. I have been looking into SARMs and they seem very promising for lean mass and strength and I would like to ask you're opinion on running SARMs 12 weeks at a time with mini PCT at the end. With the aim of increasing performance. I want to run Cardarine for sure 20mg ED. and was think either S4 and osta or S4 and Rad140. Again I want to remain as light (minimal fat/excess water) as possible while gaining some muscle mainly on pure strength. Hopefully you can help me out, I appreciate your time
    Hey Dylan needs some help on what I should do. First off back ground: 25 5'7" about 170lbs I've been lifting solid for the past 4 years. I've had a plateau I've never been able to break and have always been a hard gainer. I've tried a few sarms before only had much results one or twice. Had surgery back in September and was out of the gym for a while. Have worked back in and back at it. I'm just looking to try something to help me get that jump back into the game and get me back where I should be if not further. I'm really looking to kinda start out slow, maybe just a single sarm cycle first. LGD was the only thing that really got me any results. Obviously just looking to build lean and get stronger. Help me out with what you can.
    Hi Dylan! Im new in all this and I been watching youre videos also read about sarms.
    I am a endurace athlete(triathlon) and I really like something to push a little more on training and racing. Can you help me with that? What to take, and for how long? If I have a race,Need to take it at the race day? All about the cycle because I never have nothing before. And another quetion It doesent matter if I use medication for High blood presure? Thanks a lot bro!
    Hi Dylan, I've been following you on YouTube and believe you really know your shit! I've purchased some Osterine from a supplier in the uk (where I live). I'm not sure how pure it is. It's liquid form from a company named researchsarms. I have just started my second week at 25mg per day and not really feeling anything yet. Where would you recommend I could get the best out there from (considering I'm in the uk)?
    Your advice would be hugely appreciated.
    Hi Dylan,
    Can you please change my username to djk4yah. That is what I use at most places on the web.
    I'm wanting to add some lean size and strength. Even though I have been working out for some time I've struggled to really get a lot stronger.
    Hey Dylan I just started TRT this week. They started me on 200 MG test cyp for the 1st 4 weeks, then 200 MG ever other week. What would you recommend for running with this S4 or something else? Also should I use anything like clomid? I'm 34 6ft 1, 235 lbs, 20% body fat. Been training about 2 years.
    Hi Dylan,is mk677 safe for a 18 years old teenage? I've been lifting for a year and make some good results and I want to progress more faster so I want to run a cycle with just mk677 or do you suggest me lifting naturally for a longer time then use PED.

    Thanks for your advice.
    Dylan, can you help a n old man out? I will be turning 60 this coming April and I'm looking for the right suggestion on what to use (dosage) for my hypogonadism that is effecting my life in numerous ways. I was seeing an urologist but the treatment was Andro gel which to me only fed the pockets of the providers. my doctor would not prescribe test injections so I just quit going. As you could imagine I've only gotten worse and lifting has become a chore, let alone daily inadequacies of life. I know this is a lot and your not a physician, ( Health costs are ridiculous) but with my past practice of competition in bodybuilding back in the 80's I am looking for some direction to follow and I respect your practical and true advice. Sorry this is runnng on but as you could imagine I am some what desperate and frustrated. I appreciate your time.
    Hey Dylan just had a quick question bro. You've remonmended the cutting stake and the appropriate pct and dosage amounts which I really appreciate. I just had a question about the aspartic acid. Is that something I can just pick up from the local gnc or where should I purchase that at? Thanks man.
    Hi Dylan! I just received the platinum stack today and want to get started since I'm way behind in my PCT. Can you please tell me the recommended dosages/frequencies/times of day? Thanks man!
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