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  • Hi dylan! I sent a message on our previous conversation, but I think you're buried under the 500000000000 other messages you must have :p
    Sorry to badger you, but you're really the only person whose advice I trust. I'm currently taking MK2866. Can I stack MK2866 with S4? If I switch to S4 alone, do I need to take a couple of weeks off the MK2866 beforehand?

    PS I'm female, elite powerlifter, SHW.

    Thank you so much. I truly do appreciate what you do.
    Hey Dylan,

    From what I can tell, you work for sarmsx. Earlier today I placed an order for a single bottle of cardarine (very expensive). My order number is 37292. Not too worried about the price, but hoping to be a customer long term so I'm hoping to explore the bundle options or maybe other sarms to go with the cardarine. I am wondering, since the order is pending and yet to be processed, would it be possible to cancel my order and have any money that's been taken refunded? I would love to continue browsing and make the most cost efficient purchase possible.


    Cool bro. That's awesone to hear. What do you need to know exactly?
    I'm about 5'11" about 190. Couldn't tell you how much body fat but I definitely need to let some go. But id like to be at about 200 pounds. In not worried about getting super super huge but I do wanna tone a bit.
    I've taken superdrol a few times and I love it. Well at least I love the results. I just wasn't trying to take the whole roid route right now.
    So talk to me man. I wanna get bigger...lose some body fat....and get stronger. asap. Lol
    Hi Dylan! Wondering if you could point me in the right direction: I'm an elite level female powerlifter, currently in my second week of my second cycle of MK2866. Is there anything (SARMs) you would recommend for strength gains that i can run for around the 16 week mark? I have comps in late july and mid september, and need to be at peak for both. Thanks in advance :)
    What's up Dylan? I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. A couple years ago I took ostarine by itself for roughly a couple months. I don't remember how much I was taking but noticed somewhat of a change. I was thinking about getting back on something but its been awhile since I've researched this stuff and was wondering if you could tell me which direction to go. Still Ostarine? Or something else?
    Thanks in advance!
    Hi Dilan,

    I got a problem where i'm getting pretty pissed off. My libido crashed since my second cycle of lgd, s4, rad and osta. Now, in the middle of my third cycle, my sex drive still sucks. I think i didn't fully recovered between the cycles.

    I hate this... What can i do to fix this libido problem? How long does it take to get my libido back?

    Looking forward to see your answer!
    Much appreciated dylan, a little bit of panic there but thank you for the assurance. :)
    Canada order - help please

    Hi Dylan,

    My name is Benedick, I have been watching for years in youtube and learning how to use gears. I also started watching your SARMS video and wanted to try Ostarine as a part of my cycle and to help heal my left shoulder. With that, I ordered from SARMSX.COM as this is your recommended site. Everything was going well until last friday where it says package delivered but nothing showed up in my community box. I went to my local post office today, made a claim...and they considered it as lost. A solution they proposed was that the shipper contacts USPS to file a claim as well so thay they and Canadapost can work together for a refund (which will be reimbursed to you-the shipper). From there I hope we can sort things out, e.g. Resending a new parcel with Signature requirement? Anyway, please help, I don't want to have traumatic experience with ordering from US and SARMSX.Com. Thank you so much bro.

    Dylan, I have been doing IGF- 1 for a period of time now ! I'm am getting ready to try Ghrp-6. However, I have read a lot about mk 677 and am impressed with the facts about it. My question is, would it be wise or beneficial to do the mk677( which would come from sarmsx) in conjunction with ghrp-6?
    I am a 50 year old male. 6'2" 210lbs with about 15 to 20% body fat at most. Good health and have been on several cycles before and currently on prescribed TRT with test E at 200mg a week. I split into two shots Mon and Thurs with anastrozole 1 mg every other day plus a fluid pill. I've been on sus test npp dbol and eq. I currently have a good amnt of gear with test e, cyp, Winn, tren a, npp, anadrol 30mg and caber and prob some other stuff I'm forgetting. Looking for the best dosage and cycle to run with the test e. Tren Ace and anadrol and whatever else you suggest I workout about 5-6 days a week and my diet is pretty darn good. Thanks for any help. Also I really enjoy the you tube videos.

    Also I was planning on running the Winn with the drol at the same time.
    Hi Dylan,
    I'm currently 2 weeks in an Ostarine cycle @25mg everyday. I'm planning on running it for 12 weeks. I know that suppression is possible as early as 6 or 8 weeks with this dosage so my question is regarding the timing of the mini PCT. In other words, do I lose gains as soon as I become suppressed (sign to start pct) or does continuing the ostarine intake while suprressd for an extra few weeks until the end of 12 weeks allow me to continue gaining until pct?

    Thanks brother
    Hey I saw your post about sarmsx and the cb form hold, I placed my order a week ago and didn't receive and email, nothing in spam folder. I sent them a message but no response. Is there anyway you can contact them for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Order number was 32789
    Hi Dylan, would like some advice for my next cycle. I am looking to run sustanon 250 and a 300mg nandrolone blend containing deca, npp and undecanoate (each 100mg). Would this be a good idea or better to just run deca? And what dosages would you recommend? I will be taking aromasin and caber to control estrogen and prolactin.
    Hello, I'm a 30 year old male looking to do an ostarine cycle. I am looking for your opinion on a proper pct? I have never used a sarm. When I was 19(young and dumb), I used dbol for a month with no pct, no cycle support, drank and partied every weekend and had no proper diet. I have learned a lot over the years but am looking for a jump start to getting back to good shape like I used to be. (I have two kids now ages 2 and 2 weeks) kids and life have led to some slacking off from the gym. I already ordered the ostarine based off a recommendation from a friend but decided to do my own research before I start taking it. I ordered from international Thanks for your help and advice.
    I haven't run any cycles as of yet. You had said in several of your videos that a person needs to study before doing a cycle so i was inquiring to learn about proper dosing since i didn't know. So if i were to do a cycle in the near feature what do you recommend for the weekly dosage of EQ ?
    Thanks for your help
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