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  • I appreciate your honesty And your time think it’s time to bite the bullet and head to the emergency room bro. If you’re interested I’ll share with you the results.
    I have a four-year-old daughter bro I’m a single-parent And to be quite honest scared to death I may have put her future at risk I can not perform my work duties I am a technician work indoors and the color wash out makes it almost impossible for me to distinguish between the twisted pairs not to mention The reduced night vision maks it almost impossible to see the wires.
    Hello, My name is Anthony This is the first time I’ve ever run S-4 about Four days in I began experiencing vision issues consistent with what I’ve read yellow tent reduced night vision ext, I figured just ride it out Using the five days on two days off method to help manage the side effects. Almost overnight on the 14th day my vision became so bad I could not perform my work duties I am a technician work indoors and the color wash out made it almost impossible for me to distinguish between the twisted pairs not to mention The reduced night vision made it almost impossible to see the wires I of course immediately stopped The S-4 It’s been 12 days and about 5 days that I’ve stopped all Sarms still experiencing yellow tent and almost no night vision.So my question is have you ever heard of these vision issues continuing past 10-14 days after stopping S-4? Have you ever heard of permanent vision damage do to S-4? Ty again.
    Hey Dylan. I am having doubts to whether I have gyno or not. My nipples appear fine. When I press one of them there is nothing hard but when I grab I can feel some small peas and can’t tell if it’s normal or not. I am going to get a mammogram to find out for sure.

    Anyways.. Worst case scenario. Do you know of a good surgeon in the Minneapolis/St Paul area? Thank you very much and God Bless.
    Can't remember on when to dose Organ St. Do u have anymore videos on this? I'm looking to take Anadrol n the morning of course with test
    Hey man I was looking for information on sarms and your name kept coming up I was just wondering how I could go about stacking lgd and Ostarine and if I would need a pct
    Hey Dylan, I noticed that 20 mg per day is normal for RAD 140 but I noticed that brands like Olympus Labs has 4 mg per capsule and instruction states not to take more than 2 capsules per day. People seem to have good results from Olympus which would mean 8mg per day. Does this mean that each brands likely has other compounds in the capsule or does it mean that it is under dosed?
    After my 12 week sarm cycle do i pct for 4 weeks and take another 4 weeks off? or do i do 4 weeks pct then hop on another sarm cycle?
    I got LGD and Ostarine from Enhanced Athlete. I ordered my next cycle LGD from Focused Nutrition. Should I take AI throughout my whole cycle until I finish or should I take AI until my gyno subsides. I honestly don't mind if it's not pure SARMS for this cycle, might as well finish what I started. Thanks Dylan!
    Hey Dylan
    I recently had symptoms of gyno (Sore right nipple and small bump under). I'm taking 10 mg LGD 4033 in the a.m and 20 mg Ostarine in the a.m. I've been on Ostarine and LGD for 9 weeks now and have 3 more weeks left. I've taken Natural PCT Megathom for 2 days now to maintain my gyno until my Nolva comes in one week. Should I stop my cycle completely and only take AI or should I finish my cycle? Also, should I take AI on cycle or stop taking AI when gyno subsides. Lastly, since it looks like I am prone to gyno, should I take AI on cycle for my next cycle or just have it on hand incase my gyno flares up again. Thanks!
    If I were to run Sustanon for 12wks Aromasin EOD Anadrol split 25mg would u suggest running the first 8wks with DGA Post CT? Woops DGA Organ St?
    I'm Into my 4th week of PCT I used MK2866 for 4 weeks after 12 wks of Sarms. Would u suggest running MK2866 another 2-4wks before starting steroid cycle? Or just a natural Test Booster, or both?
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