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  • Update: So Just wanted to update you on my situation so the Yellow tint eventually went away but my night vision was another story after several tests doctors really couldn’t figure it out so they wanted to run one last blood work up and found out I’m vitamin A deficient a very rare condition in America most likely result of having my gallbladder removed during gastric bypass surgery something I understand they no longer recommend with that surgery due to complications After a very short time of supplementing what my doctors recommendations were my vitamin A levels have come up to a normal level and I actually see better at night then I probably have in the last 5-7 years It is the doctors opinion that the S4 side effects were possibly more severe for me because I’ve had a pre-existing condition but He can’t find enough medical information on S4 to support that 100%. I’m back to work life is good. Thanks for Responded to me when I posted the first time.
    they DO NOT SELL real sarms so i have no clue what you actually took man... i have no clue... but they absolutely do not sell the real deal... im sorry man but i have no clue what you took or what to tell you to do
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