Running high test?


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Im considering running the following cycle for my recomposition, with the goal of gaining as much muscle as pos without gaining too much fat.

1.25g test Sustanon/wk
400mg mast
300mg Boldenone

(Might add lgd4033 along the way)

Any experience with running test this high? (Yes I have an abundance of AI’s at hand, Arimidex for me)

Why? Tren gives me baaad mental sides. Even Boldenone at 300 is giving me a bit of mental sides. Wanted to do Deca but makes me completely depressed.

Are the pros doing super high test? I’m not a small guy, 94kg at 15% bodyfat at 5ft 8. 19” arms.

Also, wanted to add more sarms but liver enzymes are showing elevation and doc said better play it safe with orals…

No the solution is not to lower test to 600 and keep everything else the same. I’m hoping to get my pro card one day and I ain’t doing that by ‘lowering’ dosages. I’m happy to take ideas for substitutes, but remmember- no serious orals, no tren/halo/ deca like things that give bad mental sides. If I can’t train because I’m depressed due to the gear what’s the point?

Thanks in advance
A gram of test is just recklessly high IMO there is no way to make that healthy or long term sustainable. Pro card or not
If you really need that much test to make quality gains and good sides then i really dont know what to say... you will get so many more sides doing that, not to mention, you are going to gain unwanted weight.. its just honestly quite stupid to even think about doing... if you think you need a gram of test to get a pro card, it just further shows your age speaks volumes... you are making comments like you have experience in this longer than vets do... good luck to you, i wish you nothing but the best
Hey Dylan, thanks for the reply as always,

Please don’t see my straight-forwardness’s as cockiness. I’m fully aware I know nothing compared to what you guys/ vets know (which is why I’m asking questions here!)

I’m always ready to humble myself, listen to advise and make changes accordingly.

I feel I have plateu’d and need a serious boost to break through it
from what I've seen in the autopsies the pros are using a lot of equipoise instead of testosterone for the reasons you've said
I've ran high test many times and I will say there's a point of diminishing returns it's not really worth it. A gram is the most ive ran, and I honestly didn't see a lot of difference from 750. 750 was worth it over 500, at least for me. So that's how I see it. If you want to run high test maybe go with between 600 and 800 somewhere and evaluate if you like that dose or want to increase. For me the reward isn't worth the extra risk after 750. I don't even go over 500 nowadays. The high test is behind me
ugfreak has excellent options when it comes to testosterone
check out para pharma brand
for me the highest those of testosterone was 1000 milligrams a week I got really good results
I actually prefer the opposite. I would run test low, like 200-300mg per week. It will keep the water retention down while you are dieting for your goals.
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