1. Cocopiny

    Running high test?

    Im considering running the following cycle for my recomposition, with the goal of gaining as much muscle as pos without gaining too much fat. 1.25g test Sustanon/wk 400mg mast 300mg Boldenone (Might add lgd4033 along the way) Any experience with running test this high? (Yes I have an...
  2. L

    Next cycle help

    Dylan: I truly appreciate this incredible resource & trust the collective experience of all the members. Considering next cycle to start January ‘24 & would appreciate input. Background: 47 yr old M 5’10” 168lbs ~12% BF Struggled w/ weight since adolescence. Was my fattest (220lbs/~35% BF)...
  3. C

    Lean Mass cycle

    I’m my ifbb training buddy outlined a cycle for me for lean mass gain. It seems like a lot to me and wanted to get y’all’s input. I’m 6’3, 235, 14% bf The cycle is Test C Npp Eq Primo Turinabol Weeks 1-6 Test 500/ week Primo 600/ week EQ 400/ week NPP 150 eod Turinabol 40-80mg ed Weeks 7-12...
  4. FinestQueers

    Finestgears -Testosterone-Based Steroids: How Do They Function?

    What is testosterone? The primary hormone in men has more than one job in the body. It not only helps men develop their sexual traits, but it also affects their overall health. For example, it can help prevent or treat osteoporosis and inflammation. Around the time a boy hits puberty, his body...
  5. m555zma

    Pharmalady Early Christmas Present 🎄

  6. m555zma

    Tren Test Ratio

    What's the rationale behind running test higher than tren? Tren is what you want to shine, and also the tren would dominate androgen receptors with test being lower I believe.. (not 100% sure about the receptor argument)
  7. m555zma

    Old Test...

    I have a vial of test that's been in my drawer for a year. Looks perfectly normal (not crystallized or anything). Would you trust it? Looks like new on the outside...
  8. Z

    First Cycle ever... Please help!

    Hi all, Hi all, I'm Ale. I want to thank you for all the info you provide in this forum. It helped me undarstanding a lot about steroids and right way to use them. I still have some questions though. So, after weeks of online reading, and lots of arguments with my partner (she's a natty...
  9. A

    Test and Anavar

    I plan on taking a cycle of Anavar in a few months. I am constantly reading and being told I should stack var with testosterone, but I do not quite understand the exact process of this. In summary, what testosterone should I stack with Anavar? Also, I plan on talking about 60 to 70 mg a day for...
  10. C

    Test, Deca, and EQ Cycle Feedback

    6 ft 3 in 222 lbs 12% BF 35 years old 4 previous cycles This cycle: Test Cyp, 400 mg/wk (wk1-16) EQ, 600 mg/wk (wk1-16) Deca, 500 mg/wk (wk1-14) Tbol, 50mg/day (wk1-6) Cabergolin, .25 mg/e3d (wk1-16) Aromasin , 12.5 mg/eod (wk1-16) PCT: Return to TRT...
  11. m555zma

    Cyp has arrived/Thnks cbbram

    The pinnacle test has arrived from cbbram. I was quoted at 10 days; it got here in 8 days. Sweet.. Im sure it will be great. Unfortunately I'm cutting, so I probably won't "feel" its power till blasting season when the dose is up. Clean packaging too --
  12. m555zma

    Low dose cruise

    I've been cruising at 60mg/week for the past couple months and feel perfectly normal. Anyone ever cruised that low before? 35 Male 180lbs
  13. J

    First Cycle (Yearly Routine?) (10 weeks)

    Thought I run through the description of my first cycle here to get some input and learn from you guys to see what needs improvement, definitely wana make this worthwhile and safe as well. Also wanted to ask if this is something that I can do once per year type of thing, if thats a possibility...
  14. J

    Side effects after Stopping Cycle cold turkey

    Hello everyone I was on test 250 ew for 12 weeks took the hcg for for 2 weeks after last injection but when I started taking the clomid and the nolva and I started to feel very irritaded very emotional even at low doses so I literraly stopped taking them and now the only side effect that...
  15. I

    Pain post injection

    i administered my first injection of 1ml sustanon 300, using a 3ml 23g x 1 (0.6mm x 25mm) syringe in my thigh, about 3 inches above my knee. the following morning, i woke up with a pain in my thigh. 2 days have gone by, and the pain persists. there doesnt appear to be any marks at the site of...
  16. P

    Cycle Help

    I have done one steroid cycle in the past which was Sustanon 250 dosed at 300mg for weeks 1-5 and weeks 6-12 I increased the dosed to 500mg. I was pinning every Sunday and completed a full PCT. I am wanting to do another cycle while eating 4,500 clean calories, one cheat meal a week, intense...
  17. C

    What type of blood work?

    Hey guys sorry for the dumb question, but when you're getting bloodwork done, what kind of test do you ask for? Which one do you ask for so that you can check your hormones?
  18. B

    Tren e and Test e cycle blood work

    Hi guys, I am on tren e and test e cycle Never used tren before and I am concerned that tren might be fake, Have no side effects such as tren cough night sweats,rage etc I bought test and tren from the supplier here in Australia but different brands So I started my cycle with test e 300...
  19. O

    Sarm and test relationship

    Hi everyone, Im a bit stuck on this and looking for some heloful info. Its about the relationship between Sarms and natural test. As I understand it Sarms dont convert to estrogen but they do attach themselves to the receptors that test would ordinarily take up, as a result this lack of...
  20. M

    Third Cycle, Test and Tren Help, is my Tren E bunk?

    Hey guys, i'm new here and would really be thankful if you could help me with my questions. I am 26, 6'0 and 190, at around 15-14% bf. I have done a 500 mg test only and a 500 test 50 mg anadrol cycle before, and had great results. On my third cycle, i wanted to try something a bit stronger so I...
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