First Cycle (Yearly Routine?) (10 weeks)


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Thought I run through the description of my first cycle here to get some input and learn from you guys to see what needs improvement, definitely wana make this worthwhile and safe as well. Also wanted to ask if this is something that I can do once per year type of thing, if thats a possibility. Also also, thank you dylan for the most informative content on the subject, always been a no cookie-cutter bullshit dude and I love it!

My Stats:

Age : 24
Training : 6 years.
Weight : ~192 lbs.
Body Type: Ectomorph
Height : 6'1".
Body Fat : %14-16.

My first Cycle :

Testosterone Enanthate (300mg per week) for 10 weeks.
Anavar (50 mg split into two doses(25mg) 8 hours apart) for the first 8 weeks

Week 11 and week 12 = no test

Pct: [Weeks 13-19] (6 week period)
Clomid (50mg per day first 3 weeks than last 3 weeks for 25mg)
Nolvadex (40mg per day first 3 weeks than last 3 weeks for 20mg)
Aromison (6.25mg every OTHER day)
Cardarine (20 mg per day)
Mk2866 (25mg per day)

Now my questions:

1-) Do I need Aromison during the cycle, if so what would the dosage be ?
2-) Would it be alright to make this a yearly routine?
3-) Is there anything else that I'm missing?

Thanks for the read!
noone in here is going to recommend steroids to anyone your age bro... im sorry... you may find someone somewhere that doesnt care about you and your health but we dont operate like that here
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