1. B

    Starting tren e and test e cycle with tbol

    Hey guys, I've cycled a few times and about to start another Tren E and Test E cycle. Running 300mg of each, but I have some Tbol, 100 20mg pills. Should I, and if so, when should I add it?
  2. T

    Out of town for my shot

    Hello Everybody, So i have a little problem here, i'm on a TNT (Tren E + Test E) Cycle, 1CC every 4 days, and 50mg TBOL everyday. My problem here is that my last shot was due on Monday, but i have been out of town since Sunday and my next shot is due Friday i'm back on Thursday, so i am way...
  3. TotalPackage

    TRT, Deca, SARMS....what has worked best for me

    OK guys, one of the best things about being on an excellent forum is the real feedback you can get from the members. There are plenty of profiles on compounds, plenty of clinical studies, but what also helps in trying different protocols with different compounds and such is the real feedback...
  4. R

    Empire Labs officials

    Have anybody heard of them or tried any of their products?
  5. Romes20

    Deca Research/Ratios

    Stats- 32years old, 6+ years training, 6', 198lbs, 11.2%bf I am educating myself on Deca for down the road. Currently almost halfway through a 12 week run of 400mg Test Cyp, kicked off with Tbol and so far everything feels great and estrogen is staying under control just fine. I know Tbol is...
  6. D

    Chlldhood Gyno. first cycle - Test E, T-bol, Mk-677, Cardarine, Clomid, Nolva, Adex

    25 years old. 5'11" 180 lb. BF% fluctuates between 17 and 20%. Im in no rush to cycle, I can get it down in a month. All my hormone levels are in check except my DHEA which has always been naturally high. I got my bloodwork done recently in January and everything has come back fine. I want...
  7. The_Gat5

    FNG Intro/First Cycle Questions

    FNG here: 28 5'9" 167lbs 12-15% bf (haven't checked in a while and I can never be 100% sure because of lighting lol) I lift for about 1hr30 6 days a week and eat pretty clean, I just have to avoid the junk my girl cooks sometimes (effin biscuits with ham and cheese inside for dinner, how is...
  8. L

    First Cycle (Test E and Primo)

    Hello Dylan, Big fan of yours. I am planning to run my first cycle coming week. I have Test Enanthate and Primo on my hand and I have done alot of research over how to dose this but I can't seem to find a consistent recommendation. So I am leaving this for the best guy in this business...
  9. T

    The journey 2017....

    Will run 500mg of Test Cyp. If I shoot up on a Monday, when will my next following shots be? Dosage amount for each pin?
  10. 44YOGearHead

    Planned Tren E, oral Winny and Test E cycle... estimate of realistic expectations??

    So I am planning on running the following cycle: Initial front load of Tren E 750mg and 4 days later 250mg week one. Trenbolone Enanthate 300mg pins Mondays and Thursdays @ 600mg total for remaining 9 weeks. (10 week total run) Testosterone Enanthate @ 150mg pinned same days as Tren for 300mg...
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