1. H

    How much Amount Of Protein When on cutting cycle

    What should be the amount of protein while on cutting is 1lb per lean body weight ok?
  2. R

    New to steroids

    Hello, Currently I am about 5'6 140 lbs with lower than 15% body fat easily. I have been heavier but that was in high school playing football. I have been working out regularly about 5-6 times a week for about 6 years now and just want to go the the next level. I am looking to put on some...
  3. m555zma

    Switching to different kinds of test

    How is the body affected by switching esters? Was on cyp 500mg/week. Now going to start 250mg/week cruise, and thinking about enanthate.. That ok?
  4. imimukhi

    Cycle Advice

    Quick Question Brothers DG RR, Firstly Thank you for the SARMs and the advice to go with them. Dylan, keep posting those vids on Youtube. Some SOLID ADVICE & INFO!!! Some stats first as always to remind you; Age-42 Weight-85KG Height- 5'10" Bf%- 15% So... ..After running 2 cycles of Test I...
  5. J

    Proper Cycle Instructions (step by step)

    Hello Dylan Gemelli & everyone! Huge fan I admire what you do for this community and the knowledge you share with all of us. I wanted to reach out for some assistance on my cycle. I would like to know the breakdown process from the first step to the last step to make sure I do my cycle...
  6. B

    First Cycle and SARM consideraton

    Good morning all, first off I thank anyone in advance who views and answers this post. I have a few questions. I was considering hopping on gear for the first time. I have an appointment to get blood work done soon. And although I'd be running JUST TEST for a first cycle. I recently did research...
  7. S

    Critique a "First Cycle"

    Hi guys Not looking to run this cycle anytime soon, just planning one for the future based on what I have learnt on the forum. Please offer advise on the cycle and how it could be improved. Find cycle plan attached Age: 23 Height: 180cm/ 5ft 9 Weight: 86kgs/ 189 pounds Body fat %...
  8. J

    Switching esters. Dylan please respond.

    I have been on test e, EQ, and npp for 8 weeks. I was injecting 3x a week. My last injection had no npp in it. It's been 5 days since my last npp injection. Today I will be switching to standard Deca. My question is: do I need to front load a little bit? Or do you think the npp is still in my...
  9. S

    Sarm effect on testosterone/epitestosterone ratio

    Does anybody know the effect sarms have on test/epi ratio? As they are not technically steroids I'm guessing they don't show up as test and would they therefore lower the test/epi ratio? I could be wrong
  10. P

    Test + EQ Cycle

    Hello All, Id like to start by saying that yes, this is my first time cycle. I know that it is not recommended to have a first cycle like this but I have already made up my mind and know I have the discipline to complete this cycle well with a little help from you guys. My diet and training...
  11. The_Gat5

    IWGF BGS Test C, Deca & Tbol 8 weeks in F*CKIN' GAINZ

    I wanna start off by saying all these products were bought and paid for with my hard-earned cash and ordered through IWGF (except the sarmsx aromasin). All gear is BGS. Cycle: Weeks 2-5 50mg TBol (Popped daily) Weeks 1-16 250mg Test Cyp (pinned weekly) 250mg Deca...
  12. I

    Natural Test level is at 42, super shutdown.

    Just got my blood work and my T was at 42. Doc stated normal levels are from 178-780. Mind you im 23, never been on gear, the blood tested was drawn while on day 2 of LGD@10mg. never took any T supplement in the past. Any TRT protocols you guys recommend and i read that TRT can mess up your...
  13. J

    No Esther Products

    I'll be running TNE 50 for the first time and just using preworkout. My only question is how do I count it in addition with the test I'm already on? Example: I'm running 750mg EW, if I add in 100mg three times a week preowrkout am I really getting 1050 EW? Or do I not count it toward total...
  14. A

    Test Cycle Advice - First Cycle

    Dear All, I am planning on running the following cycle. 1-12 test cyp 500 mg week 1-14 aromasin 12.5 mg eod 1-6 epistane 40 mg day 1-6 cycle assist 1-12 lgd-4033 10 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 S4 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m. 1-12 GW-510516 20...
  15. N

    Steroids + sarms cycle info needed please

    Hey guys. Intermediate anabolic and SARM's user individually but never together. About to start a new 12 week anabolic lean muscle/cutting cycle + 4 week PCT and was looking for some guidance for 'what/how/when' to incorporate SARMS in with my anabolic cycle. Was considering running GW...
  16. S

    Bridging Between Tren Cycles While on TRT

    Which SARM would work best for bridging between Tren cycles to keep the gains? I'm on TRT (higher end of the spectrum). Since I've already decided to run both GW (while on Tren as per Dylan's recommendation) and MK-677 (6+ months), I prefer not to stack too many more compounds due to cost, etc...
  17. T

    I think this question will help A LOT of people.

    Dylan, I cannot find a straight answer for my question. You say one thing and other trusted people say another... I go to many other forums as well as this one and still cannot find my answer. Tren A 100mg eod // Test E cycle either 100 or 75 eod have not decided yet. gw501516 // prami...
  18. M

    PCT after test c cycle

    Hello there guys i am just finishing my test cyp cycle that was 500mg per week for 13 weeks,so should I start my pct 2 weeks after last pin or 3?
  19. D

    test p tren stana cutting cycle

    i want to run a 8 week cutting cycle with test p , stana , tren acetate and clen weight - down to 78 kg from 95 kg 4 years of gym on and off age 25 i workout 2 hours 6 days a week dosages are as follows :- 1-8 test p 100mg EOD 1-6 stana 50mg ED tren acetate 75mg EOD clen 2 week on /off upto...
  20. B

    Starting tren e and test e cycle with tbol

    Hey guys, I've cycled a few times and about to start another Tren E and Test E cycle. Running 300mg of each, but I have some Tbol, 100 20mg pills. Should I, and if so, when should I add it?
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