Cutting cycle on keto diet


Hello can i run cutting cycle on ketogenic diet for fat loss.
I am running 300mg test prop every week
300mg tren every week
50mg stanazolol every day

Macro for keto diet is 70% fat 25%protein and 5% carb

Can i loose fat on this currently i am 15% body fat or should i switch to high protein ,medium carb, low fat diet?
Tren responds much better too low fat higher carb diets . long term keto is for fat sedents not athletes . Tren is a Recomp wonder drug and it helps a lot with fat loss while sustaining muscle and even building new muscle but too see it shine you can't be depleted and you need too being training hard .

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Ok keto diet for 40 days and then high carb medium protein and low fat it will be ok?
I am training 6 days a week 3 days of cardio after strength training and 3 days of abs after strength training hitting all muscle group 2 times a week
What is your full stats and experience bro?

I'd never recommend Keto while on Tren. You could go too low on blood sugar because Tren just eats up carbs and has incredible nutrient partitioning abilities.
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