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  • Hi man!

    I read in a post that u have hypothyroidism, i have been diagnosed with it for about 5 months ago and been struggling in the gym.. my doctor have very little knowledge about bodybuilding and hypo.. im currently on test, tren and eq but im struggling to just break a sweat in the gym now a days, wud really like to chat with u and ask some questions!

    Best regards.
    Did u get my message telling u nice JOB on the body n the last pic u posted good God looked like greak statue brother nice work
    Để tìm hiểu rõ hơn, nhóm phóng viên báo Người Đưa Tin đã đóng giả là hành khách có nhu cầu đi xe. Thực trạng cò mồi ở bến xe này đáng báo động khi ngay trong nhà chờ, luôn có cả chục nam thanh niên xăm trổ,
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    Hya do you know anyone selling the real nord or juvetrope as wanting to source it but had fakes before, ,,,and got ill on it,,,,would be appreciated ,,,,cheers
    Chi nhánh học kế toán tại bắc ninh và chi nhánh học kế toán tại bắc giang tiếp nữa là
    học kế toán tại thanh hóa uy tín chất lượng cao. dịch vụ làm báo cáo tài chính uy tín chất lượng cao.
    Vậy nên học kế toán thuế hay là học kế toán tổng hợp
    hãy để công ty dịch vụ kế toán hà nội giúp bạn -mau hop dong thue nha
    I've spent countless hours stressing over which brand to buy from because no matter where I look everyone says the same thing that all sarms are fake besides their brand which I highly doubt is the case but I don't want to risk it because I've already gone down that path last year when I took fake sarms It was a horrible experience. I want to give sarms a try but I just don't know what's real or what's not. I would appreciate it soo much if you told me a trusted source because everyone's saying most companies like sarms1 and sarmsx are overpriced and they're just ripping you off. I've literally spent over a year researching about sarms but theres such little research and review on them which makes it hard, so I have done my homework. I would highly appreciate it if you were to give me your advice. Thanks!
    Hey man thanks for your reply. What has been your most effective cycle? Where would I even get the stuff if i am interested?

    I am looking to get that dry hard look. I can send u a pic of where i am right now but idk how to send it on here. My stats are 5 ' 7 155 lbs with about 12% bf. My diet is very clean (seriously - no bs) and i train 5-6 x per week with 30-40 mins of cardio. Only about 15 of which is HIT. Thanks again for help.
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