1. L

    Pulsing Orals - 2 Weeks On, 2 Weeks Off (Good Idea or Bad Idea?)

    I always get very lethargic on orals if I run them longer than four weeks. My favorites are TBol, Anavar, Winstrol, and Superdrol. I always run them daily with Test C at 200-250mg a week. I understand that TBol, Anavar, and Winstrol can be run every day for 4-6 weeks, while Superdrol is best at...
  2. N

    Domestic Supply Odin Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol Log

    What’s up my iSarms community! Very excited to start my cycle log for Odin brand: Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol courtesy of the best in class providers at Domestic Supply. Please see attached photo of how my order arrived. Fantastic and prompt communication from their team...
  3. M

    Cycle question Sustanon and kickstart with pheraflex

    Hi, im 33ys old and have previous experience with ph's and also real gear, been training for over 10ys but as a hobbi. Im 6,1 at 220 at around 20% bf. My first gear was sustanon 750mg week and anavar, winstrol. Don't had any sides I could remember, only some acne. Goal woul be to make lean...
  4. C

    First Cycle Advice

    Hey Dylan, I have been training for 4 years and I have recently hit a plateau in muscle gain the past 3 months. I want to advance my muscle building progress by taking either Winstrol / LGD 4033 and Ostarine, I plan to lean bulk, by using a caloric deficit with protein surplus Stats Age 23...
  5. N

    Need advice on PCT for 4 week cycle of oral Stanzonol (Winstrol)

    Hey guys, first time poster here. Please forgive any rule breaking (I've read them twice, but may make a mistake here and there). I'm in desperate need of advice. Currently I'm in week 2 of a 4 week oral Stanzanol cycle (Winstrol). Its basically 50mg a day administered in the morning via eyes...
  6. G

    Winstrol After Blast?

    Im about to go on a ~12-14 week long bulking blast of 600mg Test Cyp/week and 400mg Deca/week. After this I plan to drop down 150-200mg test Cyp/week and 50-100mg Deca/week (joint helath). When I drop back down to my cruising dosage I plan to start cutting. Can I immediatly jump back in with a...
  7. R

    Cycle Advice contest prep

    Okay guys heres the layout for my competition stack. Sust 250 500 mgs per week for 16 weeks Primo or EQ dosage TBD ? for 16 weeks Tren A: 50 mgs EOD for 12 weeks Masteron P: 100 mgs EOD for 10 weeks Anavar: 50 mgs ED 6 weeks Winstrol: 50 mgs ED 6 weeks Halotestin: 5 mgs 3 weeks T3: TBD...
  8. B

    Winny, Clen, Keto and I

    I want to run a cycle of Winny, however I've been having success with the Ketogenic/ intermittent fasting diet as well. I don't want to pause my diet, but I'm kind of nervous of the high fat while on winstrol. Is this a possible dangerous mix or a killer combo? My body type is stocky overweight...
  9. T

    Sis labs 50mg anavar is winstrol!

    How's it going everybody. First time poster here! Recently I've got my hands on some 50mg Anavar tabs from SIS Labs. I have verified the batch through the website with the code supplied on the side of the bottle. It was verified as a genuine SIS product. After doing this I decided to email...
  10. RUCingdsgainz

    Stanozolol suspension?? Any thoughts?

    Has anyone used this before? My co worker is saying it's injectible winstrol?
  11. X

    TS400 blend and Winstrol

    Hello I have been reading and researching and I’m getting mixed answers. My first cycle is that I’m front loading 4 weeks of winstrol 50mg ED and 200mg TS blend (100mg injection twice a week), then 200mg TS blend for the last 2-4 weeks. Since winstrol doesn’t convert to estrogen and retains no...
  12. T

    First Cycle of steroids

    Hello everyone, I've never done any type of steroids or any pro hormone. I'm currently curious to start my first cycle at 31 yrs of age. In doing some research and speaking to people I know that do steroids. I've been recommended a 10 week cycle of Winstrol and Test prop. I've read orals can...
  13. D

    Anadrol and Winstrol

    Hi there everyone! I need some guidance with this, it is not my first cycle im 5'9 177lbs 40 Y/o and training for 15 years but still learning and i was not as cautious in my early years. So this is my first time using Anadrol and Winstrol as im doing a Test (enanthate) cycle, after watching...
  14. E

    3rd cycle thoughts and comments

    I am 21 years old / 172 pounds / 11% bf / 5'7 I have done a couple cycles in the past but they have been very simple and always with proper pct. I am doing a 12 week cycle with the following (Currently on the 3rd day): - Test E 400mg/week (weeks 1-12) - Anadrol 100mg/ED (weeks 1-5) - Tren Ace...
  15. E

    3rd Cycle Thoughts and comments

    First of all, I've decided to go through with this cycle no matter what. I am only posting this because some vets might know a better way to design a during and post cycle therapy to recover with minimal side effects. Thats one of the things I never really understood. My stats: Age: 21 Height...
  16. R

    Natural bulk and cutting with steroids

    Hey guys I have been training for 3-4 years and have pretty good muscle mass and I did it naturally and I was thinking to use steroids such as oral winstrol with clen for cutting. I was wondering will I be able to keep my natural gains after cutting cycle? Thanks in advance.
  17. N

    winny at the end of a bulking cycle

    What results have you guys gotten by adding 50mg of winny to he end of a bulking cycle? Im going to run eq/test/deca for 15 weeks and was thinking about adding this but wanted to know your guys experience. and yes i am under 10% body fat
  18. C


    If I've been going to the gym for 3 months and I'm more of a stocky build at 5'7 150lbs would winstrol be the right cutting steroid for me?
  19. D

    Judge my cycle please

    hello guys, so I've been offered a cycle by a friend to run for 2 months or so and i would like to know what you guys think of what he's offering me to take, wether its a good cycle that i could build quality muscle with or is he trying to be a wise guy. I've seen dylan's videos on each roid...
  20. F

    Considering tren for 7th cycle...

    New to the forum I've been watching Dylan's videos for a few months. Strongly considering running tren(don't currently have access yet), I really like going for the leaner look as you'll be able to tell from my cycles. I'm 35 been training for 8 years, been on TRT for 4 years and have run 6...
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