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Hello I have been reading and researching and I’m getting mixed answers. My first cycle is that I’m front loading 4 weeks of winstrol 50mg ED and 200mg TS blend (100mg injection twice a week), then 200mg TS blend for the last 2-4 weeks. Since winstrol doesn’t convert to estrogen and retains no water would that negate the need to run an AI during the cycle? Also, I know PCT should be used 2 weeks after your last injection of test, but since the dose is a relatively low dose
of test with different ester lengths, and I do a substantial amount of cardio daily and my diet is on point. Would a PCT be nessicary if bloodwork says otherwise?
I suggest you stop right now and pay attention on the forum before you hurt yourself. There's so much wrong here. We'll get you straight....
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And I’m Chase, 24 Years old I apologize I didn’t introduce myself, I ask because I do not want to hurt myself. I realize PCT is nessisary with test b/c it converts and retains but sorry for asking, I was more worried about AIs while on cycle, my goal isn’t to get bigger, it’s really to increase rbc, stamina and lean out. I’ll consult a physician, again I’m sorry I didn’t read the rules of introducing myself.
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What do you mean front loading Winstrol? Do you mean kick start? Is this your first cycle? Please post your age and stats.
Correct I’m taking 4 weeks of 50mg ed with 200 TS Blend, twice a week, I know PCT is important but my main question was AIs during. I know 24 is young but I do so much cardio my test levels shown low in past blood work.
As stated earlier i’m 24 and weigh 162lbs, this is my second week into the cycle and when I started I weighed 166. I do excessive cardio (eg swimming, stationary and non-impact while on winstrol). I lift 6 days a week I usually go for higher sets and very low weight, I do core atleast 5-6 days a week, and I started taking steroids because of lowered t-levels because of distance running (marathoner). I had surgery in December from a right inguinal hernia and put on weight. I began running again and unfortunately got a stress fracture. I cannot run anymore for atleast 6-8 weeks. Testosterone improves bone density which will hopefully help heal my stress fracture (right tibia). As for the winstrol I’m taking it for lean muscle mass and to cut, but most importantly it increases red blood cell count thus improving my cardio.
Aside from being too young your running test basically at 200mgs a week..twice a week at 100 mgs each with different esters..make no sense to no expert but i have some homework to do....

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Yeah I’m new, winstrol derives your natural test so I guess I’m using the blend I got for TRT while running winstrol. I guess my main question is should AI’s be used through the cycle since winstrol doesn’t convert to estrogen?
No one will advise you on AAS until you are over 25 at a minimum. You still have a lot to learn and you're making some very basic mistakes and over thinking things in a big way.
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