Sis labs 50mg anavar is winstrol!


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Recently I've got my hands on some 50mg Anavar tabs from SIS Labs.
I have verified the batch through the website with the code supplied on the side of the bottle. It was verified as a genuine SIS product.
After doing this I decided to email the company directly just for my own peace of mind, they reassured me the product was genuine and to "use with confidence"

Anyway, after running a home labmax test kit the gear has came back as Winstrol. I understand these home test kits may not have the highest credibility but it's better than not testing at all in my opinion!

I fully believe the test to be true as 3 weeks into using this drug I started to experience really really harsh joint pain, my joints became incredibly dry and achy. Also experienced acne and some hair thinning.
I've ran oxandrolone in my cycles many times before and have never experienced any of these symptoms.

Just to be clear I have nothing to gain from this post - merely just wanted to give my experience so nobody else gets ripped off like I did.

My advice would be avoid SIS labs, or at least their orals anyway!

I'll attach a pic below of the tabs and batch number.
Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of my Labmax test within 15 minutes so I missed the colour. My bad!

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I cant stress enough to stick with the good quality sources we have here on this board