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    Bulking on Tren.. appetite issues..

    I will Bulk on tren for the first time since it's so anabolic. But it's suppress appetite so damn much.. you guys taking anything to boost hunger? Maybe eq? Or just force feeding... Cutting on it is easy, but I've never bulked on it
  2. C

    Many compounds at low dose vs 1-3 compounds at high dose

    Hey guys, current stack is going to be: Tbol:50mg/d Test p: 500mg/wk Masteron p: 350mg/W Tren e: 125mg/ wk Winstrol 10mg/d I?m a big believer of running loads of different compounds at smaller doses instead of just 1-3 at a high dose as I feel they synergies and potentiate each other, what do...
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    Low Dose tren; any point in it?

    Current stack: 5 wks 12 wk stack First 4 weeks: 50mg tbol/d Test enth: 750mg/W Tren enth 250mg/W Okay so to cut things short, I can?t handle 250mg tren/ wk. Too much anxiety, can?t sleep, too tired, however results had been amazing, bench went from 100 for 10 to 120 for 5, clearly gained...
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    Tren to Test Ratio

    Hey guys, currently running: Tbol: 50mg/d Tren e: 250mg/W Test e/ 750mg/W I?m asking what?s the optimum ratio of tren to test... I?ve scowered forums and videos and so many conflicting answers, some say you should use double the test for every mg of tren (so 250mg tren for 500mg test) others...
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    Tired on orals

    Hey guys, need some advice, I?m running: Tbol: 50mg/d Testosterone enth: 750mg/wk Tren enth: 250mg/W Firstly, I want to hear some cycle scrutiny, or is it decent (I?m an advanced user and have done over 7 cycles before, this is my first time using tren and I have never gone above 500mg test...
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    Tren for 8 weeks

    anyone get much from an 8 week tren cycle? I'm not interested in doing 12 weeks, but that's the most common cycle to read about. Don't want to short change myself.
  7. B

    Tren e and Test e cycle blood work

    Hi guys, I am on tren e and test e cycle Never used tren before and I am concerned that tren might be fake, Have no side effects such as tren cough night sweats,rage etc I bought test and tren from the supplier here in Australia but different brands So I started my cycle with test e 300...
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    Cycle question Sustanon and kickstart with pheraflex

    Hi, im 33ys old and have previous experience with ph's and also real gear, been training for over 10ys but as a hobbi. Im 6,1 at 220 at around 20% bf. My first gear was sustanon 750mg week and anavar, winstrol. Don't had any sides I could remember, only some acne. Goal woul be to make lean...
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    Third Cycle, Test and Tren Help, is my Tren E bunk?

    Hey guys, i'm new here and would really be thankful if you could help me with my questions. I am 26, 6'0 and 190, at around 15-14% bf. I have done a 500 mg test only and a 500 test 50 mg anadrol cycle before, and had great results. On my third cycle, i wanted to try something a bit stronger so I...
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    Completed LGD cycle, help with Test cycle

    Just finished my PCT for my LGD cycle, looking to move to injectables. For reference, I’m a 25 y/o male, 6’2”, 195 lbs. I’m looking mostly for strength gains but don’t mind a good pump, not to concerned with body fat. Had great results with LGD but weary of long term sides/ unknown long term...
  11. C

    Sarms with Test/Tren cycle?

    Hey guys, just curious as to whether or not it would be beneficial to run LGD or GW50156 concurrent with a future test/tren cycle? To me, it seems as if it would just be an added stress on the body and the risk/reward wouldn’t be worth it. If so, would it be best to add it in towards the end of...
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    First time on tren, libido utterly gone - need some advice

    First timer here where I ran tren-a for about 8 weeks at age 40. Nothing else, just tren, 3/4 of a CC twice a week. Good gains, felt good, but had some of the side effects I keep reading about (oily skin, mood changes, etc...). At about week 8 my libido is absolutely and utterly gone and I...
  13. R

    Need cutting advise !

    Hi,im 25 ,male 5.10 183 lbs 14-15 % bfl Done 3 cycles before ,rn im on test & deca have another month of bulking,but after that i have to cut for my mp competition,l have 16-20 weeks to cut last year i ran Test E - 350 mg & 500 mg EQ for 16 weeks,added winny 50 mg for last 5 weeks,results were...
  14. M

    1st time tren

    First time with tren: with 75mg tren eod, how much test would you use. 200mg/week?...
  15. H

    when to choose between vitamin b6 vs caber when on tren cycle?

    hey guys, im currently on test e tren a cycle at 350mg / 50mg eod respectively. im takin about 200mg of vitamin b6 and also have caber in hand (havent used it yet) according to experts, vitamin b6 is plenty for tren dosage at 50mg eod. when is the "transition tren dosage" to switch to caber...
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    Prami Insomnia

    Ive been running prami .25 mg EOD for the past 4 weeks as i was running deca 250 mg and test 375 mg/week, by the 2nd week i started getting insane insomnia,but weirdly only on days i trained. So i increased my cardio to 35 mins on weight training days and 25 on non training days steady state...
  17. R

    Insomnia on training days!

    Hello,so ive been runnin 250 mg deca with 375 mg test e for the last 5 weeks.I Initially had Dbol 40 mg but as i started getting sleeping issues i stopped with the Dbol thinking its the excess water retention causing high BP. It's been 2-3 weeks now and i simply cannot sleep on the days i...
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    Adding in MK 677 / 2886 while on Tren E cycle?

    Hello everyone I was intending on doing a Tren E Cycle in a couple of months at 500 per week. I was also planning on using Mk 677 while using it so my appetite and recovery will improve. I was also considering adding in Ostarine as well, not so much for the muscle effects but more so for the...
  19. L

    Potential Third Cycle: Tren, Test

    Proposed Cycle: Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp @400mg/week Weeks 1-12: Tren Ace @80mg/EOD (280mg/week) Weeks 1-17: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD Weeks 1-13: Prami .25mg ED Weeks 14-17: Nolva (840mg) Weeks 14-17: Clomid (1050mg) Past Cycles: 1) Test cyp @500mg/week 12 weeks 2) Test cyp...
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    Test Tren cycle (No EQ)

    I'm considering a test+tren cycle but with no EQ this time. Any thoughts on test+tren Only? Usually people recommend EQ stacked with these two... Input please