1. m555zma

    1st time tren

    First time with tren: with 75mg tren eod, how much test would you use. 200mg/week?...
  2. H

    when to choose between vitamin b6 vs caber when on tren cycle?

    hey guys, im currently on test e tren a cycle at 350mg / 50mg eod respectively. im takin about 200mg of vitamin b6 and also have caber in hand (havent used it yet) according to experts, vitamin b6 is plenty for tren dosage at 50mg eod. when is the "transition tren dosage" to switch to caber...
  3. R

    Prami Insomnia

    Ive been running prami .25 mg EOD for the past 4 weeks as i was running deca 250 mg and test 375 mg/week, by the 2nd week i started getting insane insomnia,but weirdly only on days i trained. So i increased my cardio to 35 mins on weight training days and 25 on non training days steady state...
  4. R

    Insomnia on training days!

    Hello,so ive been runnin 250 mg deca with 375 mg test e for the last 5 weeks.I Initially had Dbol 40 mg but as i started getting sleeping issues i stopped with the Dbol thinking its the excess water retention causing high BP. It's been 2-3 weeks now and i simply cannot sleep on the days i...
  5. R

    Adding in MK 677 / 2886 while on Tren E cycle?

    Hello everyone I was intending on doing a Tren E Cycle in a couple of months at 500 per week. I was also planning on using Mk 677 while using it so my appetite and recovery will improve. I was also considering adding in Ostarine as well, not so much for the muscle effects but more so for the...
  6. L

    Potential Third Cycle: Tren, Test

    Proposed Cycle: Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp @400mg/week Weeks 1-12: Tren Ace @80mg/EOD (280mg/week) Weeks 1-17: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD Weeks 1-13: Prami .25mg ED Weeks 14-17: Nolva (840mg) Weeks 14-17: Clomid (1050mg) Past Cycles: 1) Test cyp @500mg/week 12 weeks 2) Test cyp...
  7. m555zma

    Test Tren cycle (No EQ)

    I'm considering a test+tren cycle but with no EQ this time. Any thoughts on test+tren Only? Usually people recommend EQ stacked with these two... Input please
  8. T

    Tren related itch, and no sweating

    Throughout all of these periods I have used Steroids. Oral and IM. Tren Ace Tren E Test Prop test Cyp Primobolan Stanozolol Clenbuterol Tamoxifen Clenbuterol Basically the best way to describe what I am suffering with is prickly heat, but it's 100 times more painful, almost like a stabbing...
  9. N

    Advanced cycle - guidance needed please

    Good Morning Crew, Hope everyone is doing great! Currently coming off my recovery period after a very successful cycle where I kept most of my gains and my recovery was really smooth. Definitely thanks to advice and guidance from Dylan and Rick. THANK YOU. Prepping to run a similar cycle with...
  10. L

    First Tren Cycle (I'd love some advice/first hand experiences)

    I'm a 25 year old physique competitor, and I'm trying to get that last little bit of hard mass to obtain my pro card within the next year or so. I've competed twice in the past and both times I was my own coach, and the coach to my friend who wanted to compete with me as well. To give a...
  11. L

    First Tren Cycle

    Intro: Okay so this will be my third cycle, and I've been contemplating what compounds I thought best aligned with my goals and have come to the conclusion that a test/tren cycle would probably be best. I'm a 5'11 currently sitting at around 210 lbs with ~9-10% bf currently. I am a competitor...
  12. m555zma

    Test lower or same dose as tren?

    I'm going to be cutting in 1 month on tren+test+eq. Some say run test low to let tren shine. I saw Dylan's YouTube vid where he says he runs test and tren at the same level. Which should I try? 250mg tst+400mg tren+800mg eq Or 400mg tst+400mg tren+800mg eq ??? 33,male, 3.5 years lifting...
  13. D

    First time using tren

    Hello my names Derek First time posting on here I just joined up and wanted to thank you personally Dylan for all the content you put out and all the free knowledge you give -wipes the brown off nose- With all that being said I am about to start a cycle. This is my 5th cycle, my first two...
  14. E

    3rd cycle thoughts and comments

    I am 21 years old / 172 pounds / 11% bf / 5'7 I have done a couple cycles in the past but they have been very simple and always with proper pct. I am doing a 12 week cycle with the following (Currently on the 3rd day): - Test E 400mg/week (weeks 1-12) - Anadrol 100mg/ED (weeks 1-5) - Tren Ace...
  15. E

    3rd Cycle Thoughts and comments

    First of all, I've decided to go through with this cycle no matter what. I am only posting this because some vets might know a better way to design a during and post cycle therapy to recover with minimal side effects. Thats one of the things I never really understood. My stats: Age: 21 Height...
  16. W

    Keto & tren????

    I just started Test/Tren cycle and was wondering if it is possible to make any Lean mass gains while on keto?? 300mg Test E and 300mg Tren A weekly. Calories at 1900 Macros are FAT=195g Protein=95g Carbs=24g i am 5"9 188lbs 22% body fat
  17. F

    Considering tren for 7th cycle...

    New to the forum I've been watching Dylan's videos for a few months. Strongly considering running tren(don't currently have access yet), I really like going for the leaner look as you'll be able to tell from my cycles. I'm 35 been training for 8 years, been on TRT for 4 years and have run 6...
  18. B

    Trenbolone + GH-RP6 (Wise or Foolish?)

    Wazzup Guys , am gonna ask a question that's maybe has been asked b4 :- is it possible , Safe to take Trenbolone A + GH-RP6 on the same Cycle -Considering here the following 1-Appetite (Tren Sometimes Causes loss of Appetite, will the GHRP6 Fight Back the loss of hunger ? is it even...
  19. J

    Switching Deca for Tren Ace and Mast

    Age 22 Height 5"11 Weight 188lbs Body fat % 10% Years of training: 6 Cycle history: 16week test cyp primo with a 4wk anadrol kickstart 16 week sustanon tren enanthate with masteron added on week 10-16 PCT for each cycle: HCG with clomid and nolvadex both 50mg/day Goals: Bulking up for the...
  20. B

    Ancillaries and PCT

    Hey guys, I'm about to begin a new cycle and I would like to be advised on the ancillaries and PCT for it as well as any suggestions for sarms during and post cycle. And feel free to critique my cycle and give suggestions. Test cyp 400mg 16 weeks Eq 800 mg 16 weeks Tren ace 400 mg 12 weeks Dbol...
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