1. Z

    Trembolone Acetate Brand

    Hello Dylan, I've been watching your videos on YouTube for a while now. I really admire your passion for wanting the best in people by helping them understand the pros and cons of each steroid cycle and also helping people to take the correct dosages of steroid cycles and taking them safely as...
  2. B

    Starting tren e and test e cycle with tbol

    Hey guys, I've cycled a few times and about to start another Tren E and Test E cycle. Running 300mg of each, but I have some Tbol, 100 20mg pills. Should I, and if so, when should I add it?
  3. T

    Out of town for my shot

    Hello Everybody, So i have a little problem here, i'm on a TNT (Tren E + Test E) Cycle, 1CC every 4 days, and 50mg TBOL everyday. My problem here is that my last shot was due on Monday, but i have been out of town since Sunday and my next shot is due Friday i'm back on Thursday, so i am way...
  4. M

    GW & sarms

    Hey Dylan first of thank you for the plethora of informative videos... I do have a question about proper sources for sarms and gw... I currently have taken lgd and igflr3 and have just started gw a week previous etc etc... I do however not necessarily recognize the results or effects in my body...
  5. T

    NewPort TNT 400

    Hello Everbody, I'm currently on a TNT 400(150 Tren E, 250 Test E) + Tbol Cycle, i'm almost done my first Vile of TNT, i split the TNT injection to twice a week, and 50mg/day Tbol dosage. I Started this Cycle on May 9. What i'm wondering is how long does it usually take for TNT 400 to kick in...
  6. M

    First Tren Cycle

    Hi I wanted to run my first tren cycle and I was hoping you could guide me on exactly what I will need as far as products, how much of each, duration of cycle, when to take what, where can I purchase everything I will need, etc...I saw your YouTube channel and appreciate how you educate people...
  7. R

    Empire Labs officials

    Have anybody heard of them or tried any of their products?
  8. K

    PCT Question

    First off , thank you for this forum! I am 39 yr male. 195lbs. I am on Test Enanthate 350mg / week ( 175mg Mon, 175mg Fri ) and Tren 300mg / week ( it is a mix of 150mg Tren-E and 150mg Tren-Ace that I take with test. I take 150mg Mon, and 150mg on Friday ). I have been on for a little...
  9. D

    first tren/sustanon cycle

    First of all i did deca/test e. cycle before with 400mg deca and 600mg test e. More then 1 year past and i wanna use tren this time. I am 25 y.o. 170cm with 85kg training for 10 years and stats are %13-14 bf. Lifting 130kg bench, 150kg squat and 200kg deadlift. I prepared the incycle pills and...
  10. 44YOGearHead

    Planned Tren E, oral Winny and Test E cycle... estimate of realistic expectations??

    So I am planning on running the following cycle: Initial front load of Tren E 750mg and 4 days later 250mg week one. Trenbolone Enanthate 300mg pins Mondays and Thursdays @ 600mg total for remaining 9 weeks. (10 week total run) Testosterone Enanthate @ 150mg pinned same days as Tren for 300mg...
  11. B

    Gyno from tren

    Having some gyno issues from tren need some advisory iv been taking test and tren running adex and tamox for estro and caber for pro lactin turns out the caber i had was fake and didn't realise until now because iv developed slight gyno which if i squeeze bit of fluid comes out so i upped the...
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