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Hello my names Derek

First time posting on here I just joined up and wanted to thank you personally Dylan for all the content you put out and all the free knowledge you give -wipes the brown off nose-

With all that being said I am about to start a cycle. This is my 5th cycle, my first two were test only and the following two were test and eq. I started slow I didn't know too much about other compounds so I didn't just load up and hope for the best. I have been doing extensive research on tren and masteron which I now plan on stacking with test.

My question(s) are how should I run this stack. I have read some other posts on this stack but I wanted to drop my own stats and see if anything different would be recommended. My goal is to just sculpt up whatever muscle I have at this point and possibly add on a little more. I am not looking to add a ton of size and I know that's not what this stack brings. Also I know it is said to run test and tren at equal doses. What are thoughts on running test E at 500/wk and tren ace at 300/wk and mast at 600-800/wk? And could I start with test prop and switch to test E to get the test and tren up and running faster since tren ace and prop are both short esters? Or should I just stick with prop for the entirety of the cycle? Because after all, test is test.

(I have my dost and aroma on hand for protection as well as my pct)

All my prior compounds were purchased from a street source but this next cycle was ordered off naps which from what im reading on here it was a pretty rookie move but I guess we all gotta start somewhere.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 185
Body fat: 10%
Age: 27
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Try posting in the right place, brah.

Ps. 6ft 185 with multiple AAS cycles under your belt? You needa get your fundamentals dialed in I’d say.
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